BreakawayOne 3.20.05

December 5, 2021 - Software
BreakawayOne 3.20.05

BreakawayOne transforms your PC into a state of the art broadcast audio processor.

The consistent, clean, polished, and powerful sound of BreakawayOne attracts and holds listeners in every broadcast medium.

Processing for:

BreakawayOne reaches a new level of audio quality by intelligently masking distortion, placing it where it’s least likely to be heard. It’s not magic — just pure science. BreakawayOne is the best software-based processing solution both for FM, and all forms of digital broadcasting wrapped up in a software program. AM support will be available in a future update.

The difference in quality when compared to certain leading hardware processors is obvious. Where other processors strain and fall apart, BreakawayOne is loud, clear and consistent, even with extremely difficult program material. The result is a broadcast that dominates the competition with volume and punch, and a clarity that they cannot possibly achieve, while strictly abiding to modulation and power regulations.

BreakawayOne builds on the legacy of the legendary Breakaway Broadcast Processor, but is completely re-written based on Leif Claesson’s state of the art audio algorithms and road-tested platform code.

With state of the art multi-band processing and back-end peak control, BreakawayOne is the ideal choice for all forms of radio. FM Radio – Ensures loudness, punch, and clarity within legal limits. Web Radio – Attains unbelievably full, clean, and powerful sound online. HD Radio – Makes the most of the limited bit-rate. DAB Radio – Works extremely well with both MP2 and AAC Plus.

The highly integrated and flexible BreakawayOne software can process audio for multiple stations simultaneously,
and comes with an extensive library of carefully tuned presets appropriate for any format,
to get your station on the air sounding the best that it can in no time.

Remark: Respect goes to FULMOON (TSRh)  and KALLEGAUL (TSRh) release….


BobA (TSRh) release crack….


31 March 2021 – Pack with new crack from BobA (TSRh) Big thanks to him.

5 December 2021 – Updated crack from Boba (TSRh)

Quick update to the patcher, thanks to didier for pointing this out: if you’re using versions 3.19.43 or 3.19.52 and a Full FM or Full AM core with Separate Low Latency enabled, the core will become trial even though it shouldn’t (the feature isn’t supposed to need to be licensed). The Trial status isn’t mentioned in the interface but the nag jingles are still playing. This is a BreakawayOne bug that has been fixed in 3.19.84 and later, but for the older versions, my patcher now forces the licensing of the Separate Low Latency option for Full FM and Full AM cores to prevent them from turning trial.

Download patcher V12 in the first post if you’re interested. If you’re using BA1 version 3.19.84 or later, or if you’re not using Separate Low Latency in Full FM or Full AM, then you’re not affected by this bug, and you can skip this update.


(Installer with crack) x86 x64



Extra Plugin from BobA







37 thoughts on “BreakawayOne 3.20.05




File not available


      Hola podrían decirme como aplicar el parche para poder usarlo sin que salte pisador de breakaway?


thank you very much


Thanks for the upload


I can’t download the two plugins in extra.
Also, is it possible to have the 6 and 7 bands option (like the old version) and the multiband compressor option (as you can see in this video
Thank you.


    link fixed….6 7 band stuff i have no idea…. hope some member can guide you


      Thank you so much !
      If someone could share the 3.19.84 version it would be awsome.
      Unfortunately I can’t apply the skin patch to the 3.19.52 version (which as the 6 and 7 band mode).


    bonjour quel est le lien pour le breakaway one 7 bandes? merci


hello a little help please i cant run the patch any suggestion to do it..thanks


its wrong to install the program in drive e? its better to instal always in c?


    if you ask me.. answer is yes


install in c all just fine all works ..thanks for this ..!!!!!!!


Hi. Great job, very thanks, but Full FM core and Livewire in trial mode. Can you unlock this modules? PLEASE!


Ok. My mistake. I patched one more time with this functions. Work perfectly, with better (for me) sound texture than 3.19.52. Best regards…


all good but in full fm mode the rds is trial..


Thanks for the upload.

Has anyone got the Undo VST to load in Breakaway One?


    I got them working. Had them in the wrong folder.


any news about rds?it is trial on any setup


    you may ask the cracker himself…… no idea what you want…
    just in case need for work buy it


    The RDS will work if you enter a PI code box. It can be any 4-digit hexadecimal number. Use 1234 if you like. Without a PI code RDS can’t work.


      I meant enter a PI Code into the PI Code box in Breakaway One


        yes i know that but and with the pi code the rds still is in trial mode


I have a few comments. The patch does not license things such as RDS, LiveWire, Streaming. They are required to use BaOne, but not in the patch.


Thank but Link down

is it possible to reupload ?


      The RDS function is still in TRIAL in Full FM mode. Could you please include this in the patch ?


donde puedo descragar BreakawayOne 3.20.05
de ante mano gracias


Not work is tryal


Any possibilities to have mpxtool ? Thx


If anyone is interested, I have MPXTool 3.19.52 at this link:


Is this still available please


Is this still available?????




am looking for the old breakaway broadcast asio without any time delay. someone a crack? Thank you !

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