Bulk Image Downloader 6.45

June 11, 2024 - Software
Bulk Image Downloader 6.45

Bulk Image Downloader is an application specifically developed to help you download Full Sized images from almost any web gallery or web forum.

Image Host Support – BID works with almost all popular image hosting sites, such as flickr, imagevenue, imagefap, imageshack, imagebam, etc.

Social Networking Sites – BID supports album downloading from sites such as facebook, myspace, and twitter related hosts like,,

Full Sized Images – BID uses an advanced heuristic scoring method to locate full sized images. This means BID can work on most galleries automatically, with no user configuration necessary.

Batch Downloading – Automatically download from huge lists of gallery URLs via the integrated Queue Manager.

Web Browser Integration – BID integrates with IE, Opera, FireFox and Chrome. Just right click inside your browser window and select “Open current page with BID”

Web Forum Support – BID can scan multi page forum threads and quickly extract all image links
Multi Page Gallery Downloads – BID can detect and download from most popular multi page web galleries out of the box.

Password Protected Websites – BID will prompt for user names and passwords if the web site requires them.

Video Downloading – It’s not just for images – BID also supports VIDEO downloading from directly linked video files (.avi, .wmv, .mpeg, .mov, .flv, .mp4, etc)
Embedded images – Apart from locating and downloading full sized imaged, BID can also download images embedded on a page

Sequenced image filenames (fusker) – BID supports ‘ranged’ URLs for sequenced image downloading.

Image Validation – BID checks every image to make sure it’s been downloaded correctly. Invalid images are retried automatically.

Resume Downloads – BID will resume downloads from the point at which the connection was broken.
Multi Threaded Downloading – BID can download up to 50 images at once. Download those galleries quickly!

Redirection Resolution -Some sites use image redirection “services” like imagecash, urlcash etc. to display adverts before redirecting to the imagehost. BID automatically resolves these types of links.
File name unmangling – BID will retrieve the correct file name from image hosts that scramble filenames (where possible), such as imagevenue, imagefap.

Generate File names – Optionally create your own sequenced file names for image hosts that scramble the file names,
Export Galleries to HTML or BB Code – Quickly generate gallery code suitable for pasting into web forums.

Advanced Configuration – BID has many advanced settings for things like Javascript processing, redirection handling, and more for those tricky galleries that thwart BID’s download attempts. We’re happy to help out with these settings if you get stuck – just contact us.


What’s new in 10 May 2024

Reminder: For sites that require you to log in to access content (such as instagram, facebook, deviantart, etc), please use the “BID Site Login” function (Ctrl+Alt+L or click the browser icon in the BID toolbar) to open the site using BID’s internal browser. Log into the site (enable any “remember me” or similar options), and then close this special browser window before trying to scan any pages from the site.
deviantart support updated:
– wrong images would be downloaded in some cases – fixed
– mp4 files would sometimes fail to download – fixed
– no images would be found for artists with no “featured” section – fixed
– restarting downloads after a “server block” will now remember if “download selected” was used when resuming
– pdf files can now be downloaded support added (login to site using BID Site Login Ctrl+Alt+L first to enable downloads)
onlyfans “purchased” support working again:
To get BID to load items from the “Purchased” tab add “#purchased” to the URL in BID, like this:
This will make BID auto click the “Purchased” tab when loading the page so it can access your purchased content.
Note that this will only work if you’re accessing OnlyFans using the English language. image support added (videos not currently possible)
imagefap support updated – BID will now default to downloading just one image at a time and pausing for a few seconds between downloads to prevent captcha issues / support added (will locate all images from auction bid page: https://bid.***.com/ui/auctions/***) support updated support updated – videos can now be downloaded
loading a list of images from a text file was not working in 6.42 – fixed


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Special thanks to RADIXX11 release


(Installer) x86 x64



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2 thoughts on “Bulk Image Downloader 6.45


Installed and attempted to test the x64 version and was hit with an error message “This installation of BID is corrupt.”


The fix is going to properties> Compatibility> Change settings for all users> Run as administrator.
Now opening up the program works fine.

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