Captury Studio Ultimate 2.6.0

September 20, 2023 - Software
Captury Studio Ultimate 2.6.0

CapturyStudio is a software tool for tracking motion from prerecorded multiview video footage. All required tools are included within the package – video stream synchronization, camera system calibration, actor model calibration and tracking. CapturyStudio enables motion capture of humans and animals with unprecedented flexibility. No markers, no suits, no studio, no special hardware, just pure performance.

High fidelity
The motion quality of The Captury is unprecedented in comparison with other markerless motion capture technologies. Our technology conveys even the subtleties of motion while keeping jitter at a minimum. For the most complicated tracking situations, retracking in postprocessing often fixes tracking failures.

No need for green screen, the background can be dynamic. Capture both indoors and outdoors. Capture under regular lighting conditions. No need for extra lights.

Stream marker or VR headset orientation constraints into our real time solver and improve results by fusing multiple technologies. Stream the motion data into MotionBuilder, Unity, or Unreal engines. Extend our software with your own plugin using our extension plugin API.

Motion Tracking
Track up to 4 persons in Real-time. Track even the fastest motion at 240 FPS.

Actor Model Calibration
Create accurate person specific full body model for each tracked subject. The model

Camera System Calibration
Calibrate intrinsics parameters of individual cameras. Calibrate extrinsics parameters of the entire camera system.

Record & Export
Record motion data along with video streams from cameras. Export motion data in common formats: FBX, C3D, BVH, CSV, Matlab, raw data

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The software is cracked with BAZUKA’s fix. If you wish to use n0MAD fix instead, just replace the exe in the fix folder and run.
Don’t forget to Block it in the firewall.


(Cracked Installer + Extra Fix) x64


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