CCMaker 1.3.16

November 14, 2021 - Software
CCMaker 1.3.16

CCMaker is a utility for download and install Adobe Creative Cloud products.


Allowed product types for download and install: hdPackage (HyperDrive).
The latest versions of dependencies to download would be suggested, if available.
Several downloaded same-platform products can be bundled into a Master Collection.
The downloaded distribution includes only products folder with product’s components and is compatible with original Set-up.exe installer (for Master Collection only partially supported). To use Set-up.exe, it is necessary folders packages and resources from any official Adobe distribution.
To install product, select the driver file driver.xml in products folder.
For pre-CC2019 products AMT emulator AMTEmu by PainteR is available to install.
Command line parameter /LOG=”filename” causes CCMaker to create a log file.

CCMaker 1.3.16 is a utility for download and install Adobe Creative Cloud products.




Thanks to scmyyc sharing


5 thoughts on “CCMaker 1.3.16


What is the difference between adding each of Adobe’s products individually and adding this CCMaker?


    no idea… this tool only help you download cloud files from adobe.


      I don’t think I will ever use ACC, so this is not necessary for me. Thank you for your time.


        right… it is repacker stuff update installer


Unfortunately, he no longer works.

Callstack: SetProductGroups
Exception: Filter products failed.
Reason: Variant is null, cannot invoke.

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