ChatGPT 1.0

June 21, 2023 - Software
ChatGPT 1.0

ChatGPT Desktop Application (Mac, Windows and Linux)

ChatGPT Prompts!

This is a major and exciting update. It works like a Telegram bot command and helps you quickly populate custom models to make chatgpt work the way you want it to. This project has taken a lot of my spare time, so if it helps you, please help spread the word or star it would be a great encouragement to me. I hope I can keep updating it and adding more interesting features.
How does it work?

You can look at awesome-chatgpt-prompts to find interesting features to import into the app. You can also use Sync Prompts to sync all in one click, and if you don’t want certain prompts to appear in your slash commands, you can disable them.

In the chatgpt text input area, type a character starting with / to bring up the command prompt, press the spacebar, and it will fill the input area with the text associated with the command by default (note: if it contains multiple command prompts, it will only select the first one as the fill, you can keep typing until the first prompted command is the one you want, then press the spacebar.
Or use the mouse to click on one of the multiple commands). When the fill is complete, you simply press the Enter key.
Under the slash command, use the tab key to modify the contents of the {q} tag (only single changes are supported #54). Use the keyboard ⇧ (arrow up) and ⇩ (arrow down) keys to select the slash command.



Multi-platform: macOS Linux Windows
Export ChatGPT history (PNG, PDF and Markdown)
The main window and system tray support custom URLs to wrap any website into a desktop application
Automatic application upgrade notification
Common shortcut keys
System tray hover window
Powerful menu items
Support for slash commands and their configuration (can be configured manually or synchronized from a file #55)
Customize global shortcuts (#108)
Pop-up Search (#122 mouse selected content, no more than 400 characters): The application is built using Tauri, and due to its security restrictions, some of the action buttons will not work, so we recommend going to your browser.



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