Cisdem Duplicate Finder 3.0.0

January 4, 2024 - Software
Cisdem Duplicate Finder 3.0.0

Cisdem Duplicate Finder Find and delete duplicate files fast and accurately, Cisdem Duplicate Finder helps you find duplicate files that have identical content regardless of name, and displays them in an easy-to-understand report. The program ensures 100% accuracy, you can keep the best instance of each duplicate item and reclaim more space on your computer.

Find and delete exact duplicate files
Cisdem Duplicate Finder uses advanced scanning algorithm to compare files based on content, not just name, time or size. With its advanced and configurable scanning engine, you can easily control where and what files to be scanned.

– Scan files of a particular type or size for fast scanning.
– Set up ignore list to keep specific files or folders untouched.
– Find duplicate images, videos, music, documents, archives, etc.
– Support external hard drives and network volumes.

Delete duplicate files in apps
Feel annoyed to find Photos or Music app stuffed with same copies of a photo or a song? Get harder to search a wanted photo or music track? Time to tidy up your media library!
With enhanced scanning algorithm, Cisdem Duplicate Finder can quickly filter out duplicates in Photos (iPhoto) and Music (iTunes), in the meantime, keep app file structure.

Search similar images smartly
Similar images eat up space too. You can use Cisdem Duplicate Finder to detect and remove similar images that are nearly identical with slight differences. It finds series of shots and helps you keep the best picture after continuous shooting.

Easily find out all unnecessary duplicate files
Group duplicate files into different categories: Documents, Images, Music, Videos, Archive, Packages, etc., display duplicates by name, size, count or type, show what duplicates take up the most space, find specific files with built-in search tool and auto mark duplicates basing on your selection rules for easy removal.

Three steps to take the pain out of duplicate files
We make duplicates removing fast and secure in only 3 steps. Trust Cisdem Duplicate Finder to auto select duplicates and keep the originals intact. Add your own autoselect rules, like automatically mark the oldest/newest duplicates, or smartly select by filename/prioritized location. Duplicate files can be moved to Trash, custom folder or deleted permanently.

System Requirements
– Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, Windows11 64 bit OS required

3.0.0 (2024-01-04)

1. Added support for saving/opening scan result.
2. Added settings for scanning files with specific extensions.
3. Added support for previewing/manipulating scan result during the scanning process.
4. Added display for scanning duration.
5. Optimized scanning speed.
6. Optimized settings of scanning similar images.
7. Added support for scanning duplicate folders.
8. Optimized image preview( supports previewing HEIC and other images).
9. Optimized algorithm of scanning similar images.
10. Fixed some known bugs.

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