Comfy Partition Recovery 4.8

July 14, 2023 - Software
Comfy Partition Recovery 4.8

Comfy Partition Recovery is intended for recovering data from hard drives, memory cards and USB drives after any events that caused their loss or deletion. The program does not require that a damaged disk be accessible via Windows Explorer. The tool recovers data lost after quick or full formatting, deletion of logical partitions on hard drives, flash drives and memory cards. The software will recover the structure of your disk after file system errors and corruption of the boot sector.

• Recovers all types of deleted files, including text documents in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Open and Star Writer formats, Microsoft Power Point and Open Impress presentations, Microsoft Excel and Open Calc spreadsheets, compressed archives, photos, music and video files;
• Data recovery from formatted (quick and full modes), damaged and deleted disks presearving the original structure of the folder tree;
• Data recovery after purging the “Recycle Bin”, recovery of files deleted using the “Shift” + “Del” key combination. Data recovery from digital cameras, mobile phones and portable MP3 players.

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