CrownSoft Audio Repeater Pro 1.6.2

October 16, 2023 - Software
CrownSoft Audio Repeater Pro 1.6.2

Audio Repeater Pro is a multi-channel and low latency audio streaming solution for windows. It allows you to stream audio between two devices in real-time. It can also add effects to the audio while streaming. The most important feature of the Audio Repeater Pro is that you don’t have to use virtual cable software. You can capture audio from any sound rendering device and it does not require the device to be a virtual audio device.

Feature Highlights
Low latency audio streaming
Multi-channel streaming
Can capture from rendering devices
Supports VST/Audio Effect plugins
Auto detects the clock drift of the device
Can be used as a real-time effect processor
Efficient and low CPU usage
Can run in the background
Utilises the raw power of native C++
Made for broadcasters & gamers…

What’s new in Audio Repeater Pro v1.5

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