CyberLink PowerDVD 20.0.2702.62 Ultra

April 4, 2021 - Software
CyberLink PowerDVD 20.0.2702.62 Ultra

PowerDVD is more than just a Blu-ray and DVD player – it’s an all-in-one, premium multimedia app that allows you to get the most out of your viewing experience. In addition to the highest quality media playback available, PowerDVD allows you to organize all of your content in one place. From your full collection of video, music, and photos, PowerDVD gives you complete control and even gives you on-demand access to your media library from any device or screen, wirelessly!

Whether you’re watching Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, HDR content on your PC, or video favorites on your mobile device, CyberLink PowerDVD 20 gives you a truly seamless solution for all your entertainment needs.

CyberLink PowerDVD 20 Features:

Unparalleled Video and Audio Quality

Bring your favorite Ultra HD movies and high-quality videos to life with PowerDVD’s exclusive cinematic TrueTheater video and audio enhancements, including extended GPU support for HDR 10.

Cutting Edge VR and Online Playback

Explore a world of deeply immersive 360º videos on your own, or from YouTube and Vimeo, on the latest Oculus, HTC and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Plus, enjoy YouTube streaming in Better-than-Original quality.

Better-than-Original Quality Audio and Video Playback

TrueTheater Color, Lighting and HDR Now for 4K Video. CyberLink’s unique TrueTheater audio-visual enhancement technology is exclusive tech that instantly upgrades the quality of all videos. That include Blu-ray, HD and 360º content you watch so that you can truly enjoy them on your home theater system. It can even make Ultra HD 4K video look even better!

The Ultimate Cinema-grade Sound at Home

PowerDVD lets you get the most out of your home audio setup with support for master-quality sound technology from the leaders in professional digital audio – Dolby and DTS. Enjoy the acoustic difference of specialized multichannel audio and lossless audio formats such as FLAC and DSD.

Enjoy Incredible HDR Video

HDR (High dynamic range) video delivers deeper blacks, brighter whites, and greater color depth compared to regular video. With PowerDVD, you can enjoy this next level in entertainment quality with our TrueTheater HDR enhancements and expanded GPU support for HDR video playback that removes the need to run in Windows Exclusive Mode.

Play And Cast Almost Anything (NOW SUPPORT HEIC PHOTOS)

Enjoy the Ultra HD videos shot on your GoPro, or iPhone photos in full quality. Even if you’re running Windows 10. PowerDVD ensures playback for a wide range of file types and formats. Including HEVC/H.265 video and HEIC image files, without the need to install any extra plugins.

Watch 360º Video From Every Angle

Watch 360º video from every angle simultaneously, even without a headset, and never miss a moment. The Tri-view interface is perfect if you’re watching 360º videos on a smaller screen.

360˚ VR Video with Spatial Audio

Experience the most immersive 360º VR video experience with spatial audio. Whether you’re watching on your PC or with a headset, you can now experience audio that flows around you in a genuinely 360º world.

VR Mode for Popular Headsets

Immerse yourself in VR with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets in PowerDVD. That make it the best 4k video player for next-generation multimedia entertainment.

PowerDVD 20 Ultra/PowerDVD 365

Operating System

Processor (CPU)

  • Blu-ray Disc playback: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66GHz), AMD Phenom 9450 (2.10GHz).
  • TrueTheater HD** for Blu-ray and HD video: Intel Core i5 (with 4 Cores), AMD Phenom II X6.
  • DVD playback: Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz), Athlon 64 2800+ (1.8 GHz), AMD Fusion E-series & C-series.

** Note: Some Fox titles released from Jul. 2013 will not support TrueTheater HD.
† Note: PowerDVD maintains support for processors below 1.6 GHz disabling some non-essential features.

Note: CyberLink PowerDVD supports 4K Ultra HD video in H.264/MP4 format at bitrates up to 60 Mbps.

Graphics Processor (GPU)

Note: CyberLink PowerDVD supports 8K Ultra HD video (up to 7680 × 4320 resolution, 30 FPS) in HEVC 8/10bits , VP9 8/10bits (depending on GPU performance).

Note: Ultra HD Blu-ray is supported only if a display is powered by Intel Graphics and supports HDCP 2.2. If your computer includes more than one graphics processor, Ultra HD Blu-ray is supported only on the display that is connected and powered by Intel Graphics.

Note: We strongly recommend that you update your graphics card driver to the latest version.

Mainboard (Motherboard)

Note: To output Ultra HD Blu-ray movies to an external display, the connection port embedded on the mainboard must support HDCP 2.2. For laptop PCs, please refer to the specification of your laptop to see if the external display connection (HDMI/DisplayPort) supports HDCP 2.2 output.


Hard Disk Space

Display Device

Note: When playing video files on displays larger than Quad HD+ (or any file greater than 3300 X 1900 resolution), CyberLink PowerDVD enters a high performance mode that disables some non-essential playback features. In this mode the following features are unavailable: Video rotation. Video Scene Selector (Video mark in/out). Instant Preview. Instant Zoom (Zoom in/out). Dual subtitle display. Subtitle customization for font, color, and size. If required, you can disable high performance mode in video settings.

  • Display device with HDMI 2.0a/DisplayPort 1.3 connection interface, and must support HDCP 2.2.
  • Screen resolution: Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160).
  • Display connection: HDMI 2.0a/DisplayPort 1.3 version cable without any adapters/splitters/repeaters.

Note: To enable the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature of Ultra HD Blu-ray movies, the display device must support the HDR display feature and 10-bit color depth display capability with an HDMI 2.0a/DisplayPort 1.4 connection interface. If your display device or GPU doesn’t support the HDR feature, PowerDVD will play back the Ultra HD Blu-ray movie under Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) mode.

  • For Blu-ray titles with AACS and DVD titles with CPRM playback, PowerDVD only allows output to display devices using DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connector in order to be compliant with copy protection (HDCP).
  • For other DVD and Blu-ray Disc playback: HDCP compliant display for digital output. TV or computer monitor for analog output.

Video Output

USB Port

Internet Connection


Remark: Visual runtime is removed due to size too big. Install own visual c++ runtime if needed

Note: To have Blu-ray 3D module logo/feature enabled you might need to install the required drivers and need to have the required equipment to take advantage of this feature. Without required components installed, this feature won’t be available.


CyberLink PowerDVD 20.0.2702.62 Ultra

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CyberLink PowerDVD 20.0.2325.62 Ultra

(Registered Silent Repack) x86 x64




Old Retail 20.0.1519.62 (No need register)

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