CyberLink PowerDVD 9.2201 Ultra

November 14, 2009 - Software
CyberLink PowerDVD 9.2201 Ultra

PowerDVD is the latest evolution of the world acclaimed DVD software program that offers maximum video and audio playback entertainment on the PC. It comes complete with numerous customizable video/audio controls that can deliver the highest quality viewing and listening experience. PowerDVD incorporates support for high-definition audio and video, true 8-channel home theater audio playback, virtual surround sound, as well as complete controls and extra features for DVD enthusiasts.

CyberLink enriches the high-definition movie experience with brand new PowerDVD 9, featuring support for interactive Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD features, home theater audio formats, and video file formats. New features let users extend the movie experience by building a database of movie info and trivia, writing movie reviews, rating their favorite movies, and creating movie remixes. A newly released web site dedicated toPowerDVD users allows the meeting and making of friends, and the sharing of movie information that can be synchronized with a user’s own version of PowerDVD.

No. 1 DVD Experience on the PC now delivers New Dimensions in Movie Entertainment
* Indulge in the extreme quality of high-definition movies
* Explore high-definition Blu-ray Disc movies
* Remix your movies: create new stories to watch and share
* Build your own movie collection; write personal reviews
* Share a love of movies with new friends on

Enjoy High-Definition Movies
PowerDVD delivers award-winning playback quality for movies on the PC.
* High-definition movie content – The best video quality out there, with support for video formats like AVCHD and Blu-ray Discs.
* Advanced video technologies – See the beauty in each shot of every scene with TrueTheaterâ„¢ Technology.
* Home theater audio – Enjoy movies on the PC as if you are right at the cinema, with support for Dolby, DTS, and other home theater technologies.
* Smart DVD utilities – Save battery power on your notebook (See-it-All), move language subtitles (Read-it-Clearly), and auto loop a section of dialog (Say-it-Again), withPowerDVD’s award winning DVD controls.

Remix Your DVD Movies
PowerDVD lets you create new stories based on existing movies, or simply express your creativity and opinions in unconventional ways.
* Movie Remix – Put your own touches to a movie by re-ordering scenes, adding subtitles, inserting animated PiPs, and recording a voice-over.
* Watch other people’s remixes – Download remixes from MoovieLive and see what other people have created.
* Share your remixes online – Upload your remixes to MoovieLive and let others share in your unique vision.

Collect Movie Information
PowerDVD helps you build a library of movie facts and figures, combining personal notes and disc information. Sync your movie collection to your MoovieLive account.
* Your movie collection – Create a collection of movies, and keep a record of your viewing experience. Gather data and trivia about the DVDs you watch.
* Reviews & ratings – Write reviews about the movies you’ve seen. Give a quick 5-star rating and compare that with what others like through the global rating.
* Quick movie stats – Quickly check how many PowerDVD users enjoy the same movies as you. PowerDVD lets you see the number of viewers, remixes made, reviews written, and DVD owners.

Connect via MoovieLive
PowerDVD gets you connected with other users via You can see global ratings for the movies you watch, access information about the movies other people are watching too.
* Upload & download remixes – Download remixes to see different takes on a movie. Upload your own remixes to share with other PowerDVD users.
* Make friends – Find other people who are interested in the films you like, then get connected.
* Publish your thoughts – After writing a review of a movie, why not share your review with other PowerDVD users? MoovieLive lets you upload your review, and adds your ratings to the community’s global rating.
* See what others have to say – Read reviews from other PowerDVD users and browse MoovieLive’s database for tons of details about the movies you love (and loathe!).

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11 thoughts on “CyberLink PowerDVD 9.2201 Ultra


Hi Cyberloner!
Thanks For This Job but please try fo it this in CyberLink PowerDVD 9.0.2320


Update yourself bro.. because it is not built installer for it and will takes much more space for installer with this one.


Thanks For Your Answer cyberloner!
Heave nice day!


Thanks Cyberloner, but i have a problem… I don’t know if its because i’m using safari but it keeps downloading again and again, when it reaches 118 mb, it stops like 1 min…then it continues downloading to 237mb, it never stops… is there is something you can do about this ? Thanks


Me again, tested with firefox , says “PowerDVDUltra.exe.part could not be saved because source file can’t be read, contact server administrator”


no idea. try redownload using idm


Is there a way to install without having IE starting on the end?

Want to use it in a unattended install on my XP DVD, but it does not go on when IE starts with my cmdlines…


error trying to download @ 118MB (100%): the connection with the server was reset


    try again… I am busy updating site. sorry for that.


same error as before, not sure whats going on… I’ve managed to download other software from here without any issues today….


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