CyberMania Operator Script 2007

November 13, 2009 - Software
CyberMania Operator Script 2007

CyberMania Best mIRC operator script

-Mass voice de voice, Mass op de op all fixed in the (+/-) menu
-Supervoice allowed supervoice user !unban address himself in private
-Auto Ident fix for identify all nick store in auto identity when connected
-Revenge kick upgraded and kick non stop
-Upgraded mirc for not disconnected from server when clone flood happen
-Fix minor customize mirc setting
-DDE spy added cycle times for own custom setting
-Auto Identify / ghost / release nick when holded by nickserv
-Clone flood protection optimise
-User Protection upgraded to handle clone msg flood
-Update mIRC to 6.21
-Added Query blocker
-New logo the Cyber Dragon … Hope you guys like it.
-DDE Spybot is added for all!
-Update new system info DLL
-Special auto close on invite message.
-All autokick function only can be use in channel added in autokick menu and won’t kick in other channel, it is because some channel has no rules for kicking users. So you won’t hurt someone 🙂
-Auto unban 12 entries of older ban list in channel.
-You can add some mask address to akick lame user.
-Spybot is build in for catching inviter
-About this release, it is auto crack mIRC and added more protection for your pc

(Registered mIRC Repack)


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