Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory 11.03

March 17, 2024 - Software
Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory 11.03

Diamond Cut Forensics10 Audio Laboratory contains a large number of new features, improvements and enhancements that will make it a “must have” tool for any forensics lab.

Here are some of the highlights:
New Auto Voice Tool – This is a Major new tool. It has two independent math processes that adapt in real time. One finds noise and the other finds human speech. These are then separated. This is a tool you should try first with any voice recording as it’s so quick and easy.
New Cell Phone Noise Filter – This new tool allows you to “teach” the program what a cell noise impulse looks like. It’ll then search out those impulses and remove them and replace the pulse with interpolated good audio. You’ll find this is useful on a wide variety of cell noises that are picked up by nearby recorders.
Direct Spectral Editing is now available – This will allow frequency domain edits or interpolate functions. Not only can an area be attenuated right on the spectrogram display, but an area can also be augmented so as to be heard better.
New Spectrogram Functionality – The tool has many enhancements but retains its super high resolution and fast speed. You can even scroll the spectrogram while playing audio. This is now a great tool to do authenticity studies.
New DeClipper tool – Now includes two methods for the repair of clipped and distorted signals. One has an adjustable strength and the other uses a method of frequency domain interpolation. The result is much more distortion is removed.
New Voice ID Function – Uses industry standard approach to allow you to see and rank the speech formants of a selected word, syllable or other speech. It also shows a frequency response plot and a Cepstrum graph. It provides the tools necessary for an expert analysis of speech characteristics.
New Overtone And Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer – Allows the operator to add some “fidelity” into muffled or otherwise hard to understand speech.
New support for Flac, Ogg Vorbis and Broadcast Wave audio file formats.
Voice Garbler – This tool disguises a human voice making it unrecognizable as to person and the process used in non-reversible providing security sometimes needed in Forensics audio where a person needs to remain covert.
Documentation – Spiral Bound, 570 Page Printed Users Guide and comprehensive Help File
DC Forensics8 also includes all of the features of DC8 and a few more:
New Big Click Filter
Big Click added to the EZ Impulse Filter
New Direct Spectral Editing mode (DSE) added to the Spectrogram
New Manual Click replacement provided in the Spectrograph View
Extended the length of the time interval capability of the Manual Interpolation Function
New bi-modal algorithm to the Manual Interpolator which uses both time and frequency domain techniques for greater signal replacement accuracy
Independent Hot key access to the Time Domain Only manual Interpolator
DC Tune Library Features:
Provides Multifilter support to play your files through any filter or combination of filters
Shuffle Play Feature
New Continuous Play Mode
CD Player integrated
Spacebar start/stop playback
Time Display added
Expanded list of default Genres
Secondary Sort Capability for easier to read displays of artist/album/song
Direct .wav file header editor added
Presets added to the Make Waves Signal Generator
Entire Musical Scale Ranging from C0 to D9# added as Presets
Data Disc Burning Capability for CDs, DVDs & CDR-Ws
Disc at once mode added to the CD burner
CD text support added to the CD burner
Data Disc Burning Capability Added (CD & DVD)
Hotkey access added for the Spectrogram Function
Added 49 LP Phono Equalization Curves to the VPA
Added numerous presets to other filters and effects
Marker Transfer capability provided between the Source and Destination Windows
Scrubbing Tool added to rock back and forth over a file sector
Time Domain Tracking / Waveform Scrolling while playing is provided
DC Playlist play bar scrolling and random access to play position provided
User Selectable Display Themes provides choices of skins and color schemes based on personal preference
Improved the flexibility of the Spectrogram Function
Increased the Frequency Resolution of the Standard Spectrogram
Added Gamma Control and Inverse Palette to Spectrogram
Normalized Gain Scaling added to the Batch Processor
Expanded Play List extension(s) support
Mouse Wheel controlled Zooming In &Zoom Out
File Systems directories compliant with Win 7 requirements
Added Shortcuts on the Start Menu for all of the demo wave files.

This product comes with a 560 page printed users manual and installation CD

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