ExplorerPatcher 22621.3007.63.2

February 17, 2024 - Software
ExplorerPatcher 22621.3007.63.2

This project aims to bring back a productive working environment on Windows 11.

Tested on OS builds 22000.2538, 22621.1992, 22621.3007, 22621.3085, and 22621.3155.

Fixed a bug where explorer.exe would crash repeatedly when the system is in OOBE. (36ebe5a)
ExplorerPatcher now no longer loads if it detects that the system is in OOBE or in credential reset.
Taskbar10: The Network and Battery flyouts on later 22621 builds onwards and Windows 10 now open instantly without issues. (97fd483)
Taskbar10: Allowed the use of search box (without highlights) on Windows 11. (0157ecc)
The behavior when the Start or Search menu is open is currently not the same as Windows 10, and we have no plans to fix this yet. Please do not make new Issues regarding this.
Start10: Added proper handling when the Windows 10 start menu is not available (e.g. 24H2/Canary builds). (3c8809e)
Start10: Removed the original method for fixing Jump List (right click) views. (79b0f68)
File Explorer: The address bar shrinking is now more accurate with pixel-perfect height compared to Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 (without the modern search). (e0b97e2)
GUI: Added “Uninstall” section containing a button to launch the uninstaller. (0c5021b)
Setup: There should now be fewer .prev files, and uninstallation should be cleaner as well. (296c6a0)
Symbols: Added explorer.exe symbols for 22621+ and unified the method for Windows 10 Alt+Tab on 22000. (1f2e2c4)
Localization: Added translations for Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.


Taskbar10: Improved animation performance when centering and/or EP Weather is not enabled, also fixed search box positioning on small taskbar without centering. (22d9e3c)
Setup: Fixed a bug that placed wincorlib.dll on Windows 10 when it is not supposed to, causing the start menu to crash. (610ba7f)





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