FastCopy 5.7.14

June 21, 2024 - Software
FastCopy 5.7.14

FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows. It can copy/delete unicode and over MAX_PATH(260byte) pathname files. Automatically, after whether the copy origin and copy destinations are HDD according to same physical HDD or is judged, it operates as follows. Diff HDD: Reading and writing are done with the MultiThreading in parallel. Same HDD: Using big buffer, reading until the buffer becomes full, and writing in bulk. Because Read/Write doesn´t use the cache of OS at all, other processes (application) do not become heavy easily. Read/Write performance is a near the limit of the device. Include/Exclude Filter (UNIX Wildcard style) can be specified. It operates lightly because MFC is not used, and it makes it only from Win32 API


• Add Shows current speed (Src/Dest/Total speed, every second) in TransRate option.
• Fixed an issue where source information was not reflected when the Ctrl key was held down

(even if FastCopy was not in the foreground) when launching /job= option. (v5.4.0 to v5.7.12. Updating is strongly recommended


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Thanks to neommc release


(Cracked Silent Install Repack) x86 x64


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Note Radixx11 has new ‘offline’ activator for this app v 5.3.x. I didn’t test your repack, but you may want to if you haven’t. Thanks for efforts 🙂


“Finally, it’s working now (for the time being).



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