GravityMark GPU Benchmark 1.72

September 29, 2022 - Software
GravityMark GPU Benchmark 1.72

GravityMark GPU Benchmark demonstrates the capabilities of modern GPUs by rendering an enormous quantity of objects in real-time, utilizing GPU acceleration.

Easily stress test any GPU by increasing the number of rendered objects. Even relatively older GPUs like NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 and mobile GPUs show excellent performance, which would be impossible to achieve by using CPU-based draw call submission.

The benchmarks avoids typical CPU-based performance bottlenecks by delegating the entirety of scene management and rendering steps exclusively to the GPU.

v1.72 (September 29th, 2022)

  • Power efficiency score.
  • Compute shader rasterization.
  • Mesh Shader rendering mode.
  • HW monitor for Intel Arc GPU.
  • HW monitor charts.
  • Geometry LOD bias for extreme GPU load.
  • Resizable BAR support.
  • OpenXR support.


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