IDPhoto Processor 3.3.3

February 13, 2021 - Software
IDPhoto Processor 3.3.3

IDPhoto Processor is the utility for batch processing of ID photos. Identification card production process requires the source images of predefined format complied with identification photo requirements. Having got a number of source photos of different size and format on input, IDPhoto Processor does the following:

Highlighted Features:

– opens each photo from source folder;
– automatically detects a face on the photo;
– crops the photo with predefined proportions and margins if the face was found;
– resizes the photo;
– saves the result in the destination folder;

Identification (ID) photo preparation
– fully automatic face detection;
– automatic crop based on detected face area and crop settings;
– ability to specify the center and margins of the result image relative to the automatically detected crop frame;

File format support
– BMP;
– PNG;
– GIF;
– you have an option to choose only necessary formats;
– format conversion support – destination file format may differs from original;

Image enhancement
– ID Photo Processor allows adjusting image brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpness;
– resize the result file in accordance with your requirements;

Batch processing options
– you have an option to make IDphoto Processor showing processing settings dialog for each photo, to apply the same processing settings for all photos in a batch, or to to show settings dialog when the application cannot detect a face or process the photo automatically;

Destination file options
– option of placing result files in the source folder or specified destination folder;
– option of removing original files with or without a warning;

More Info

System Requirements:
– Windows 10;
– Windows 8;
– Windows 7;
– 32/64-bit version support;
– .NET Framework 4.0

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