illustrate dBpoweramp Image Converter Premier R2024-03-05

March 6, 2024 - Software
illustrate dBpoweramp Image Converter Premier  R2024-03-05

dBpoweramp Image Converter takes away the hassle when converting images, conversions are quick and effortless. Image Converter is based upon the same technology as its sister product dBpoweramp Music Converter, trusted by over 30 million users.

Key Features


Windows 11 – added option to put new+old, new or just old shell menus (Convert To)

libwebp update

Network share enhancements

Picture viewer – default to converted file, added mouse wheel for zoom

AVIF encoders combined to one
Jpeg 2000 and XL added (as well as conversion from and to XL from normal jpg)

32 bit dropped, created legacy version

Overwrite page:
automatically tracks which files exist and shown in red, extension shown also.
‘No to All’ renamed ‘Skip existing’ and the button will disable if no files are being overwritten (after renaming)
Overwrite (x) shows how many are being overwritten
also the headers autosize when size window, so extension always shows on edge
detects also later encoded files which would overwrite files which are being written during conversion
‘Overwrite’ button changes to ‘Convert’ if no files are being overwritten

Batch Converter / Converter shows update available on titlebar

bug fix: reconvert did not work
bug fix: multi-encoder would not show preview
bug fix: exif processing would not always work
bug fix: Preview bugs fixed (would not work at all in specific conditions)
bug fix: Fixed unresponsive UI of conversion progress
bug fix: could have two windows 11 shell items
bug fix: was double auto rotating images
bug fix: Webp if select lossless mode and a preset, was not lossless



More Info


Thanks to ARMOUR (nsane) sharing


(Retail Silent Install Repack) x64





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