Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker

November 2, 2023 - Software
Inno Setup XDELTA Patch Maker

This is a FREE Patch Maker for your apps, games or some another products with using Inno Setup runtimes and techniques based on powerfull XDELTA engine.
(Similar software: PatchWise Free, Clickteam Patch Maker, Visual Patch, Patch Factory).


– Creating small binary pathes only for file differencies between two versions of required application.

– Building silent patches

– Detecting target application dir by five methods

– Included files support

– Backup/Rollback files support

– Internal checksum checking

– Skin (vcl, codejock) support

– Background music support

– Custom control cursors support

– Custom actions scripts (batch/inno) support

– And more…

– Added option “Hide Notes” to “Patch Notes” instead of “Show Notes” in “Patch Skin Tweaks”, it is now possible to hide patch notes without selecting a background bmp file.
– Added paul44’s Xdelta engine preset (only added quiet mode -q and disabled checksum -n because the Patch is check files checksums by itself).
– Added options “Sort by filename” and “Sort by extension” to compressed files for patch-data and external files. This potentially decreases the size of Patch (has effect only in files inside a patch).
– Fixed bug in multi-version patch building if disabled “Auto” option for Keyfile.
– Removed experimental JojoDiff 0.8.5 engine due slow and not effective work compared to 0.8.1 version.
– Updated HDiffPatch engine to version 4.6.7.
– Minor tweaks, fixed some issues.


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