Memtest86+ 6.20

May 8, 2023 - Software
Memtest86+ 6.20

Memtest86+ provides you with some of the best tools for RAM testing purposes, a project started back in 2002 when the development of Memtest86 halted for two years. Its developer, Samuel Demeulemeester, once a part of the Memtest86 team, decided to port the application and develop it separately.

Constantly updating support for newer components
Although since 2009 both applications are being kept up to date, Memtest86+ has gathered up a few more grounds while Memtest was hibernating and this translates into a broader support area for various CPUs alongside their corresponding chipsets.

Pointing out nearly all possible issues
Memtest86+ can really work wonders when put to the test. It can detect virtually any anomaly in the RAM stick, thus notifying you of problems you might have with your system memory. Faulty RAM can manifest into a wide array of errors usually accompanied by BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) that may not point directly to the real problem.

Runs beyond your operating system
You have at least two methods that you can undergo in order to check your computer’s memory and they both involve booting up your PC from a disc or removable device including Memtest86+ and running it. The difference is that you can also clean the inside of your system’s case as well as its content. Tiresome, nonetheless, but this way you can eliminate some factors from the testing equation.

Thorough test cases performed
The framework of Memtest86+ is not complicated to understand; however, each and every test holds so many secrets to the average human eye that, to fully comprehend the whole idea alongside its tiny connections would take too much of anyone’s time. The main concept relies on the writing of test pattern sequences to random yet the majority of memory addresses and comparison upon reading it back.


To sum it up, Memtest86+ can, and really does deliver accurate results on bad RAM, thus relieving you of the stress you may accumulate during the time you may want to find out the source of your computer’s problems without using it. No matter your know-how level, before taking your misbehaving PC to a “doctor”, you can run a few tests with Memtest86+ and make sure your system memory is in tip-top shape or, on the contrary, the point of supply for all those errors.



V6.20 Changelog

  •     Add support for Alder Lake-N CPUs
  •     Add support for VIA VT8233(A)/VT8237
  •     Add support for nVidia nForce 3
  •     Add support for ALi M1533/1543(C)/1535
  •     Add temperature reporting on AMD K8 CPUs
  •     Add some JEDEC Manufacturers
  •     Better handling of SPD reading on Mobile CPUs
  •     Fix APIC Timer fail on some mobile platforms
  •     Fix older CPU (P5/P6-class) detection


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