December 31, 2023 - Software

A Tool to Redirect News, Search, Widgets, Weather and More to Your Default Browser

This tool filters and passes the command line arguments of Microsoft Edge processes into your default browser instead of hooking into the microsoft-edge: handler, this should provide resiliency against future changes. Additionally, an Image File Execution Options mode is available to operate similarly to the Old EdgeDeflector

No Default App walkthrough or other steps, just set and forget.

System Requirements

Minimum RequirementsRecommended
OSWindows 8.1Latest Windows 11 Build
CPU32-bit Single Core64-bit Dual Core or Higher
RAM (Memory)40MB Free100MB Free
Disk (Storage)5MB Free100MB Free

Changes in

• Adds MSN Discover / “See More” Redirections
• Improves MS Edge Settings Query Validation Check
• Fixes Swapped Geo Values for HKEY_CURRENT_USER (Fixes Explorer crash loop)
• Fixes Windows Settings not being able to query MS Edge Settings
• Changes Settings Saving Failures to Log to Install Log instead of AppFailure Log
• Changes Install File Copy / Shortcut Failures to Log to Install Log instead of AppFailure Log
• Fixes Edge Case in Europe Mode in which Saving without Setting an EU country sets the Country to Empty

Known issues:
• Winget/Chocolately may fail to install MSER
• MSER may not redirect if Edge is uninstalled for some users – #345
• MSER may open Windows System for Android for some users – #301
• MSER may not handle links from MS Teams properly for some users – #331

NOTE: MSEdgeRedirect is still BETA. Changes are to be expected, and performance to be improved.



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