March 2, 2024 - Software

Users who wish to download video content from the web have numerous options at their disposal. No matter whether the content is from a paid streaming platform, such as Netflix, or something from a free-to-use solution, like YouTube, a number of options are available to those who prefer storing things locally.

Looking to offer users a catch-all solution, MyStream can certainly look rather familiar — uncannily so, even — especially if you’ve been looking for similar tools. Through it, users will be able to download videos from all sorts of popular, free-to-use platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and so on; as well as from paid streaming services, like Netflix, Disney+, and more.

A downloader for many needs
This is a tool that attempts to cover most video downloading needs, which becomes evident upon glancing at the main interface. Split between the VIP Services and Popular video sites sections, the program seeks to offer a solution to those who frequently download content from a variety of platforms.

VIP services are locked behind a paywall, so users will need both a subscription to the actual service, as well as to the program itself. The Popular video sites area is where Free users will be spending most of their time: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and other such prominent platforms are available.

Clicking a platform will open a browser tab within the interface, which will allow you to navigate to the content you wish to download. Upon doing so, a pop-up window will open, presenting the available quality options. If one wishes, it is possible to download just the audio stream of a video.

In one place
It’s worth mentioning that the program doesn’t just support conventional video-sharing platforms: among other platforms, news websites are supported. The download experience can vary from domain to domain, and it can be quite inconsistent.

Anything you download will also be displayed under Your Library, which keeps a neat and tidy list of everything you’ve transferred to your computer.

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