PicView 2.0.0

November 22, 2023 - Software
PicView 2.0.0

Fast Picture Viewer for Windows 10/11 with compact UI, that can be hidden.

Features image effects, galleries, EXIF, image optimization and more.
The application automatically adjusts itself to your screen.

Clean, free, fast. No bloated UI. No annoying pop-ups.

Why use PicView



Quick to start up & uses a built-in preloader to instantly switch to next image.


Clean Design

Compact and neatly organized UI, that can be completely hidden.


Archive loading

View pictures inside archives such as ZIP, RAR, 7z, etc (requires 7-Zip or WinRAR to be installed).


Adapts to Screen

The application can automatically fit itself to best fit on your screen.


Configurable UI


Change it and customize it to your liking




Want to just show the image with no UI?

Toggle the UI by pressing Alt + Z. Hold shift down to drag window.

The hover buttons and the colored window border can be turned on/off in the settings window.


Change background

Press B to toggle background for images with transparent background







Rotate, flip, crop, convert to different image file formats

Lossless image optimization

27 different image effects

Color Picker tool



Drag & drop and pasting from clipholder supports files, folders, URLs and archives

Sort files by: name, file size, date created, last accessed, latest edit, file extension and randomized

Loop through files in folder

Stay on top of other windows


File management

Open file in external application

Cut, copy, send file to recycle bin or delete permanently

Show file in folder

View file properties

What’s new in PicView 2.0

November 21, 2023

  • General Performance Enhancements
  • Fixed a crash occurring when trying to zoom with no displayed image
  • Enhanced visual design for inactive windows
  • Added .cr2 files to the file dialog (e.g., when using Ctrl + O)
  • Improved animation when clicking on thumbnails in image galleries
  • Fixed incorrect cropping when the bottom image gallery is shown
  • Improved highlighting for when the bottom image gallery is shown
  • Fixed the bottom image gallery not being shown when using the file history function
  • Fixed an error that could cause the gallery to reload when the option to search subdirectories is enabled
  • Fixed the window having an incorrect size when the bottom gallery is shown and the Fit to window option is enabled
  • Improved the responsiveness when dragging files and folders into the application
  • Fixed the image resize function not properly closing when entering % into the input fields
  • Fixed an issue causing the application to close when attempting to close the resize function
  • Fixed an issue when deleting files, that could cause the files to load in an incorrect order
  • Improved responsiveness and performance of the Duplicate file function
  • Fixed the start-up menu not being removed when using drag and drop to load a folder
  • Fixed a possible crash if attempting to re-sort the file loading order, when the gallery thumbnails are still loading
  • Fixed a potential crash occurring when changing folder while the gallery thumbnails are still loading
  • Fixed a crash caused by deleting files being viewed outside the application


One thought on “PicView 2.0.0


Great viewer, smooth zooming is also my favorite feature.
But it is not possible to set all picture format default programs in win10
It’s a pity that you can only set the picture format one by one

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