Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate

February 2, 2023 - Software
Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate

The One and Only Backup and Migrate tool for Outlook. A safe and simple Utility to restore, backup and migrate your Outlook data without any limitations. Forget the tiresome import and export Outlook process, use this tool to automatically backup and migrate specific Outlook attributes including settings, notes, attachments, etc.

Unlimited Backup and Migration of Outlook
Backup and transfer every attribute of Outlook with mails, contacts, calendar, etc. Also move Outlook settings and rules for a seamless Outlook migration.

Quick and Safe Migration of Outlook data
Remo Backup and Migrate Tool can be used to efficiently migrate Outlook to a new computer or to the latest version of Outlook or Office.

Secure Cloud Backup of Outlook data
Along with password protecting your Outlook backup, you can also use the free 25 GB Remo Backup cloud storage to save Outlook data as well as your personal files.

Flawless Functionality across all Outlook Versions
Be it migration after upgrading Outlook version or restoring Outlook after reinstallation of OS, it takes just a few clicks using Remo Backup and Migrate.

Complete Outlook Backup Just a Click Away
Built with a simple one click to backup methodology, Remo Outlook Backup Tool is an exclusive tool that can help you take complete backup of Outlook with all its attributes including Outlook rules and settings. You need not bother yoursleves with manual backups and imports of Outlook data while you have Remo Back and Migrate tool. You can also take backup on to encrypted cloud storage called Remo Backup to save upto 25 GB of Outlook data.

Smart and Advanced Backup Options
Choice of Outlook Backup differs across users depending on their priority of Outlook items. Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate Tool provides a customised backup options for its users. Smart Backup for a complete backup of Outlook that includes all the Outlook attributes like emails, journals, contacts, notes, etc. with Outlook rules and settings. With Advanced Backup, you can select the Outlook attributes that are important to you and take a backup of them safely.

Ensures Hasslefree Outlook Migration

Be it moving Outlook to a new computer or upgrading Outlook to another version, Outlook Migration is considered as a complicated process. Remo Outlook Migration Tool is designed to simplify the complex process of Outlook Migration. The tool is built with a one click methodology which helps you take Outlook backup in just a click and you can migrate the same to another computer or Outlook version in no time. The software also supports Outlook to Office 365 migration.

Restore Everything from Outlook

The backup and migrate technique that Remo Backup and Migrate Software is one of a kind and will ensure that every attribute including Outlook settings and rules will backed up and restored. Save your precious time by restoring the backup file you had taken using Remo Outlook Backup Tool.

Moves Outlook to different OS/PC/Office
Technology should make your lives easier by doing the job for you. However, when it comes to upgrading Outlook to a newer version or moving Outlook to a new computer, the process looks like moving an elephant. Thanks to Remo Outlook Backup and Migration Tool, which quickly takes the backup and swiftly moves Outlook to the new computer.

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