SpotX 1.5

September 15, 2022 - Software
SpotX 1.5

Modified Spotify Client for Windows

System requirements

OS: Windows 7-11
Spotify: Recommended official version
For Windows Desktop only (Microsoft store version is not suitable).
PowerShell: 3 or higher


Blocks all banner, video and audio ads in the client
Unlocks the skip function of any track
Full screen mode activated
Hidden podcasts and episodes from the homepage (optional)
Blocks automatic updates (optional)
Automatic cache clearing (optional)
Enabled enhance playlist
Enabled enhance liked songs UI
Enabled new lyrics
Enabled a condensed discography shelf on artist pages
Enabled Ignore In Recommendations
Enabled Equalizer
Enabled new device picker panel
Activated “Made For You” in the left sidebar
Disabled Sentry (Prevented Sentry from sending console log/error/warning to Spotify developers)
Disabled logging (Stopped various elements to log user interaction)
Removed RTL rules (Removed all right-to-left CSS rules to simplify CSS files)
Code minification

Fast installation / Update
Choose installation type:
Usual installation
Automatic full installation
Other types of installations

Just run Uninstall.bat


migration to Spotify version
added Spanish, French, Hindi translation for installer (Thanks @peter9811, @xerta555, @tdivyajyotis)
now SpotX itself blocks audio ads and billboards on the main page, before bts did it.
update disableSentry hook (thanks @kyrie25)
added more information about SpotX in About Spotify tab
fixed progress bar error for BitsTransfer
fixed exception for curl
removed the track download quality switch in settings and very high streaming quality in settings
Create similar playlist menu is activated for someone else’s playlists
added a new incoming parameter(-navalt_off) to return to the old interface
added a new incoming parameter(-bts) for those who want to block audio ads and billboards with Bts patch
enabled carusel for home page
fixed other minor bugs



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