SSDkeeper Server

October 24, 2019 - Software
SSDkeeper Server

Condusiv’s SSDkeeper Server guarantees to solve the toughest performance problems on physical servers with faster than new performance, or your money back for 90-days – no questions asked. SSDkeeper’s patented write optimization prevents excessively small, fragmented writes that rob the performance and endurance of SSDs.

SSDkeeper ensures large, clean contiguous writes from Windows, so maximum payload is carried with every input/output (I/O) operation. By eliminating the “death by a thousand cuts” scenario of many, tiny writes and reads that slow system performance, the lifespan of a SSD is also extended due to significant reduction in write amplification issues that plague all SSD devices.


Proactive and Efficient Server Performance Optimization

SSDkeeper electrifies Windows system performance further with an additional patented feature – dynamic memory caching. By automatically using idle, available DRAM to serve hot reads, data is served from memory which is 12-15X faster than SSD and further reduces wear to the SSD device. Systems with just 4GB of available DRAM commonly serve 50% of read traffic. The real genius behind SSDkeeper’s DRAM caching engine is that nothing has to be allocated for cache. SSdkeeper dynamically uses only what is available at any given moment and throttles according to the need of the application, so there is never an issue of resource contention or memory starvation. SSDkeeper is “set and forget” software that operates silently in the background, performing all optimizations automatically with near-zero overhead.

SSDkeeper provides the same core patented functionality as Diskeeper 16 minus the defragmentation options that are only applicable to hard disk drives.

Keep Windows physical servers and storage running like new with SSDkeeper Server:

  • Delivers accelerated I/O performance for Windows physical servers with SSD local storage, direct-attached storage (DAS) and storage area network (SAN) environments
  • Proactively prevents small, fragmented writes at the Windows OS level
  • Extends SSD lifespan by reducing write amplification issues
  • Caches hot reads from idle, available DRAM
  • True “set and forget” functionality
  • Low overhead – continuous optimization without hampering resources
  • Dashboard reporting shows the actual “time saved” benefit on every system so the value is easily quantifiable and never in question
SSDkeeper Server Features

SSDkeeper’s intelligent resource monitoring, InvisiTasking®, ensures all optimization occurs without hampering system resources, so servers can operate at full production while SSDKeeper runs quietly in the background. InvisiTasking monitors resource consumption on a Windows system (storage, memory, network and CPU usage) and only uses resources that are otherwise idle, so SSDkeeper runs invisibly with no intrusion on system resources. With SSDkeeper, optimization is proactive, continuous and seamless.

For Windows physical servers, SSDkeeper is the only highly efficient and proactive software for maximum performance—making it the #1 solution for keeping Windows physical servers running faster than new.

SSDkeeper Server contains a toolkit of proactive and highly-efficient technologies:

  • IntelliWrite® write I/O optimization technology prevents files from being fractured and broken apart into pieces, with each piece requiring its own I/O operation before being written to SSD in a non-sequential manner. This reduces write amplification issues that shorten SSD lifespan, and boosts system performance, with fewer I/O operations required to process any given file.
  • IntelliMemory® read I/O optimization technology intelligently caches active data from read requests using idle, available memory. Nothing has to be allocated for cache since IntelliMemory is aware moment by moment of how much memory is otherwise idle and available to be used for cache. This further reduces I/O overhead to the underlying SSD storage, enabling systems to serve read requests from DRAM which is 12-15X faster than a SSD.
  • InvisiTasking® intelligent monitoring technology allows all SSDkeeper operations to run silently in the background with near-zero impact on compute resources. In the rare instance a system maxes out compute resources, SSDkeeper operations will back off entirely. InvisiTasking ensures SSDkeeper runs quietly without any visible intrusion on activities.
  • Benefit Reporting dashboard displays the actual “time saved” benefit on every system so the value is easily quantifiable and never in question. See exactly how many write I/Os and how many read I/Os are eliminated from going down to SSD storage, what percentage of read and write traffic is offloaded from the underlying SSD storage, and, more importantly, how much I/O time that saves any one system or group of systems over any time period.
  • I/O Performance Monitoring reveals key performance metrics like IOPS, throughput and latency. It reveals the amount of workload processed on the local system for any given time period. It also provides important memory usage information like total physical memory and min/max/avg of available memory and how much of that was used for cache. This helps administrators to determine if more memory should be added to a server to get the most from the IntelliMemory DRAM caching engine. If there is not sufficient available DRAM, users are not getting the best performance possible from SSDkeeper.
  • Analytics provides an hour-by-hour view for any time period to understand exactly what is happening on the local system related to key metrics like workload, read/write percentage, IOPS, throughput, I/O response time and benefits like write I/O reduction from IntelliWrite and read I/O reduction from IntelliMemory.
  • HyperFast® SSD Optimizer Technology produces faster performance in solid-state drives running on Microsoft operating systems. The HyperFast feature includes TRIM functionality and is enabled only if a solid-state drive is recognized.
  • Free Space Consolidation Engine swiftly consolidates free space to ensure any new writes are performed optimally and lowers the program/erase (P/E) cycles that result in write amplification issues that reduce SSD longevity.
  • Network Management Support ensures easy management and deployment of SSDkeeper to hundreds or thousands of PCs or physical servers via the Diskeeper Administrator management console.

Technical Specs & Resource Requirements
Operating Systems Supported
  • All Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
Hardware Requirements

SSDkeeper requires 250MB of available space. IntelliMemory caching requires a minimum of 3GB of memory on the system and at least 1.5GB of idle, available memory before caching will initiate.

Additional Software Requirements

SSDkeeper requires .NET 4. If .Net 4 is not installed on your system, SSDkeeper will attempt to download and install it for you. A reboot is required after installation.

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