Stellar BitRaser File Eraser Standard

December 16, 2023 - Software
Stellar BitRaser File Eraser Standard

Data once deleted from the hard drive does not get completely removed. There are still traces of sensitive yet unwanted information left, that can easily be recovered. BitRaser File Eraser serves as an effective solution to this problem. It uses overwriting techniques to make the data unrecoverable. After the data erasure, the storage remains completely reusable.

Commands and tools provided by the operating system do not delete the files permanently. Instead only their link to the file structure is deleted. Files must be permanently erased to ensure full privacy and security. BitRaser File Eraser securely erases files, application and internet traces from your system thereby ensuring your privacy. The ‘Erase Now’ feature of the software erases the drive, folders, and files permanently and leaves no possibility of data being recovered.

This user guide will make you familiar with the entire software. The step-by-step description of major functions like the erasure of internet activities, application traces, system traces, free space, adding erasure list, and file search makes it easier to use the software.

Key Features:
• Equipped with 17 world class erasure algorithms with three options of erasure verification (No verification, Random verification, and Total verification).
• Erases data from mapped drives in your system.
• Erases free space to secure privacy and optimized use of memory (Supports FAT, exFAT, NTFS file systems).
• Erases system activity traces to ensure privacy and improved system speed.
• Erases installed application traces and Internet activity traces.
• Option to create erasure list containing the names of files and folders that can be erased in a single step.
• Option to erase data files with a single right-click.
• Option to schedule and view erasing tasks.
• Option to find a specific file using its name.
• Option to set password protection on the application.
• Option to generate a log report for future assistance.
• Option to create a certificate of erasure process.

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