DVDFab StreamFab

April 13, 2024 - Software
DVDFab StreamFab

Download videos from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and other 1000+ streaming sites at a high speed.

Support 1000+ Sites
Support Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and other 1000+ websites.

Offer High Quality
Save videos in up to 8K quality and output premium EAC3/AC3 5.1 audios.

Remove Ads
Remove ads from downloads no matter what streaming subscription you have.

Support Fast Speed
Download streaming videos at superfast speed, within 15 minutes per title.


StreamFab Changelog
New: Add support to download videos from more Latin America and Caribbean regions on Max (Note: You need to access to the website from Max).
Fix: A problem that the results are missing episodes when downloading specific videos from
Fix: A problem that the analysis results are diaplayed as Season -1 when downloading TV Shows from
Fix: A problem that subtitles cannot be downloaded when downloading certain videos from Max.
Fix: A problem that video analysis does not start when not logged in from certain Roku Channel videos.
Fix: A failure problem that downloading certain videos from OnlyFans.

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Thanks to TheRadziu smeagol  RadiXX11 release

Click authorize with any email and pass / Delete version.dll if you have it

18 February 2024 – Update new hook


(Hooked Silent Install Repack) x64



Retail x86

Retail x64

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Do you have a crack for StreamFab or Please share it. I really need it.


Unfortunately, the program is outdated. And some functions, like downloading from Crunchyroll, are not working


load demo … 3 files then change the mac address e.g. with TMAC v6 and can be loaded again after restarting the program


Thx so much. Working great


I like Nsane Forums and DownToPc websites. After you copy the crack files from the archive to the StreamFab directory, if you occur any errors, check the comments from website.


can you please update Guitar Pro into 8.1? Thanks


DVDFabStreamFab6.1.2.1×64 still requires activation. Crack is not working for me. Please help. Thank you


    fixed.. please delete the program files\dvdfab folder.. they change location again…


Sorry but where is the download file


Hmm, installed the second upload and it now seems like I have lost all my settings and download history as well as downloads that I had queued up as if its a fresh install. :/


This Version Is Not Working It Will Not Connect To Server


Can You Get streamfab all in one or dvdfab all in one?


still unable download movie from hotstar !!


    thats a dvdfab issue


DVDFab StreamFab installation error:

“This version of hook is imcompatible with current version of the program.”


Uninstalled old version ( including settings ) Installed (X64) and:

StreamFab Generic Hook
This hook is not compatible with this version of the program (Error: 3).

Please report this error using a screenshot of this message along with a brief comment, on the contact website.

In the meantime, uninstall this hook in order to continue using the application normally. The program will now close.


@cyberloner DVDFab StreamFab does not work, neither x64 nor x86 version!


    it was tested ok before release. x86 is confirm fail already


      not here, Windows 11 w/o Defender -> “This hook is not compatible with this version of the program (Error: 3)”


        try redownload latest fix?


          just downloaded (x64) again, same error: “This hook is not compatible with this version of the program (Error: 3)”

          Then DVDFab StreamFab (x64) installed and works flawlessly!


          it was tested ok here. try keepstream maybe help. else stay with older version


          The version.dll file (in Crack.7z) is still from 22/05/2023 and definitely not for the current version.

          But I know what the problem is! I use a custom path during installation (without /silent) and Hook.exe does not take it into account. Since I always use this old version.dll from the Crack.7z, this can’t work of course. Only in the Hook.exe is the newer version.dll.

          Could Hook.exe maybe read the path from the registry and use it? Then you could also leave out the /slient and everyone can install StreamFab into any path. Hook.exe would then only have to be called after setup.

          -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DVDFab\StreamFab (x64)\InstallPath


This Version Is Not Working Correctly The Crack Won’t Work It Wants You To Buy It. Can You Please Fix This Problem I Lost The Version Before This One.


Downloads keeps failing even if I downgrade the problem. It’s not usable 🙁
And what about 4K videos? I can download only up to 1080p.


    No problem here with me with the current version. Downloading the app works and loading videos also works with it (tested with Amazon Prime).


      Sorry I should have specified that I have problems only with Netflix. Amazon Prime like you said works. Did you try Netflix?


        And now it’s impossible to download full HD videos. 540p only 🙁


After updating from to , I can’t download it with error code 314.Failed after analysis.
↓This is the screenshot of streamfab.


    1Remove version.dll file from SF directory [renaming extension will work too, like from version.dll to version.dll.bak]

    2Make new Streamfab account and log into it in the app [ Hamburger icon -> Authorize ]

    3Close streamfab and copy back version.dll file [or rename it back]


    5Profit. You can verify it by looking if you have new 100 downloads per service limit


      Hola,lohe hecho al borrar el archivo , o lo cambio de nombre,he inicio sension con mi cuenta,me el limite de 100pero no se puede descargar ,porque queda si el crack y me pide q lo compre,me gustaria q me ayudaras si es posible,q yo sepa no hago nada mal.saludos y gracias de verdad por tu esfuerzo y subir estos pogramas


      Ya se solucionó, el mensaje de error,no aparece ,gracias por todo


Even with I have downloading problems. Download from Prime Video fails and I can download 2 videos from Netflix and then I have to reinstall because even if the download succeds, there’s no file in the folder. Anyone with the same problem?


    No problems here with Prime Video (v6.1.5.1)!


I tried with peacock, it downloaded 3 episodes then just gave errors each time when loggin into peacock saying your device isnt configured to view this.


    or it stops and tells me i need to upgrade the program


      Error: 314 its throwing now. Seems ive done my trial maximum

sacchan 🙁 🙁 🙁
Downloads from Netflix keep failing.
If I try with Prime it fails with “Error when trying to access info. Be sure you can play the video”
What should I do? Help


Are there any plans to support StreamFab DRM M3U8?


What makes the loader.exe?


Everything is stuck on waiting to download


    same here, maybe its time to update the version.dll


DVDFab StreamFab v6.1.6.5 does not work, not even with the loader.

Just keep using DVDFab StreamFab v6.1.6.0 until @Cyberloner has found a solution here.


    but there not a option of download 720p or 1080p qualities on netflix
    if you have any solution of this then please share with me


@cyberloner crack via version.dll isn’t working anymore since v6.1.6.1.
We need new winmm.dll generic hook by TheRadziu from here:


    netflix got fail downloading with new WINMM.DLL how to fix


        now have the issue with qualities. Any solution for this


        There is a failure in downloading new releases in Netflix.


thx its works now ) but there is no 720P and 1080P anymore


    it depends on the source. some videos on freevee channel are only available in 480P.


There is a quality issue in Prime Video
We select a resolution, Prime Video selects any random resolution


Any new release series or movies in Netflix is showing failure after analysis on download.
Today I tried to download Avatar: The Last Airbender but got an error of failed .

If anyone has a solution for this, please let us know.


    This is not due to the crack, the developers of StreamFab say they are working on it.


Newest Version says Unauthorized License….


    Use KeepStreams (also available here), which is more stable and doesn’t twitch like StreamFab.

    KeepStreams is a fork of StreamFab and functionally more advanced and the developers have a better handle on it.


      Any Update for Netflix Newly release ?


How can i download movies and series from Disney plus hotstar And Jio Cinema by using Streamfab ??


There are still Re-encode issues on Amazon. Using Keepstreams is still the same Problem.

Luis guillermo

I started getting this error, does anyone know why?

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