Subtitle Edit 4.0.2

November 20, 2023 - Software
Subtitle Edit 4.0.2

Subtitle Edit (SE) is a free (open source) and powerful editor for video subtitles . With SE you can easily adjust a subtitle if it is out of sync with the video and much more. You can also use SE for making new subtitles from scratch (do use the time-line/waveform/spectrogram) or translating subtitles.


Create/adjust/sync/translate subtitle lines
Convert between SubRib, MicroDVD, Advanced Sub Station Alpha, Sub Station Alpha, D-Cinema, SAMI, youtube sbv, and many more (200+ different formats!)
Cool audio visualizer control – can display wave form and/or spectrogram
Video player uses DirectShow, VLC media player, or MPlayer
Visually sync/adjust a subtitle (start/end position and speed)
Auto Translation via Google translate
Rip subtitles from a (decrypted) dvd
Import and OCR VobSub sub/idx binary subtitles
Import and OCR Blu-ray .sup files – bd sup reading is based on Java code from BDSup2Sub by 0xdeadbeef)
Can open subtitles embedded inside matroska files
Can open subtitles (text, closed captions, vobsub) embedded inside mp4/mv4 files
Can open/OCR XSub subtitles embedded inside divx/avi files
Can open/OCR DVB subtitles embedded inside .ts (Transport Stream) files
Can open/OCR Blu-ray subtitles embedded inside .m2ts (Transport Stream) files
Can read and write both UTF-8 and other unicode files and ANSI (support for all languages/encodings on the pc!)
Sync: Show texts earlier/later + point synchronization + synchronization via other subtitle
Merge/split subtitles
Adjust display time
Fix common errors wizard
Spell checking via Open Office dictionaries/NHunspell (many dictionaries available)
Remove text for hear impaired (HI)
Swedish to Danish translation built-in (via Multi Translator Online)
Effects: Typewriter and karaoke
History/undo manager (Undo=Ctrl+z, Redo=Ctrl+y)
Compare subtitles
Multiple search and replace
Change casing using names dictionary
Merge short lines/split long lines
Export to PNG images (+bdn xml), Adobe Encore FAB image script, VobSub, Blu-ray sup, EBU stl, PAC, and plain text


4.0.2 (19th November 2023)
* NEW:
* UI layouts with support for TikTok/YouTube-shorts – thx leon/jmaraujouy/LearningJer
* Language filter (to minimize the long list of languages in combo boxes)
* Interjections are now language specific
* Translate via Facebook’s NLLB (requires local API) – thx sharadagg
* Translate via LibreTranslate (requires local API) – thx AnonymousWebHacker
* Statistics for selected lines
* Shortcut “Set start time and go to next”
* Add new json subtitle format – thx Neven
* Add new json format – thx Tim
* Add Video CD DAT subtitle format – thx Flitskikker
* Add Italian SE word dictionary file – thx HG3112
* BD SUP edit: Add “Select non-forced lines” – thx manuelrn
* Take ASSA style from file in CLI – thx Ninelpienel
* Split long lines in CLI – thx BenJamesAndo
* Add new “Remove text for HI” option “only music symbols” – thx fraternl
* Add format “Cavena 890” to “Batch convert” – thx Steve
* Update Korean translation – thx domddol
* Update Italian language – thx bovirus
* Update Portuguese translation – thx hugok79
* Update Polish translation – thx admas
* Update Finnish translation – thx Teijo
* Update Chinese translation – thx nkh0472
* Update French translation – thx Pierre
* Update Bulgarian translation – thx Калин
* Update German translation – thx Netspark
* Update Russian translation – thx elfriob
* Update Spanish translations – thx jmaraujouy
* Update Dutch translation – thx Flitskikker
* Save settings from selected lines unbreak/break – thx David
* Add simple page up/down for combo-boxes
* Add access keys for message box buttons – thx Christophe
* Use split container in “Break/split long lines” – thx oep42
* Change max font size in ASSA style from 200 to 500 – thx Jim
* Edit interjection is now a text box – thx Andrebavila
* Bookmark list now has context menu with edit/delete – thx Andrebavila
* Update Tesseract to 5.3.3 (2023-10-05, 64-bit only)
* Auto-translate re-written, so it’s easier to add new translators
* Close all processes when closing Faster Whisper – thx Purfview
* Allow drag-n-drop in “Multiple replace” rules – thx Clarencezzh
* ASSA: “Replace style” now works on multi-selection – thx Leon
* Add some support for ASSA inline color in bdsup export – thx Adam
* Update cuBLAS/cuDNN libs to v2 for Purfview’s Faster Whisper – thx Purfview
* Update Purfview’s Faster Whisper to r160.7 (large v3) – thx Purfview
* Update Whisper CPP to v1.5.0
* Update OpenAI Whisper to include large v3 model
* Update FFmpeg/FFprobe to version 6.1 (from 6.0)
* Fix for paste in waveform – thx Ruong
* Fix remember text box settings (bold/size) – thx Siamak
* Fix for two pass encoding in burn-in subs – thx Nounours
* Fix crash in CSV reader – thx Waseem
* Fix bug in “Remove text for HI” – thx Chamallow
* Fix find/replace position – thx Omair
* Fix 3-part time code in TTML – thx ms2048
* Fix image export simple render center left/right align – thx TheFmC
* Fix for “Merge short lines” with dialog – thx taxen
* Fix duration combo-box frames in frame-time-code-mode – thx JDTR75
* Fix for BD-SUP edit “toggle forced” – thx manuelrn
* Fix Whisper post-processing language using “Translate to English” – thx github-roe
* Fix “ASSA Tools – Set position” on Linux – thx PascalsHere
* Fix for “Generate video with burned-in subtitle” in SMPTE mode – thx Jim
* Fix remove of font name in ASSA/SSA – thx PureOcean
* Fix possible freeze when loading XML files – thx Dvid
* Fix issues with “Set end, add new, and go to new” – thx Lorqu1n/Flitskikker
* Fix some missing Thai characters in format PAC – thx thehulk
* Fix crash in spell check – thx Omair
* Fix crash minimizing ASSA batch styles – thx Åke
* Fix crash in “Replace” window after “File – New” – thx Leon



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