SysTools PST Compress 5.0

September 20, 2023 - Software
SysTools PST Compress 5.0

Tool to Compact Outlook PST Data File of Large Size Effectively. An ANSI Data file that is about to reach 2 GB is a big concern as this leads to corruption. With this PST compression Tool, you can compact PST files and decrease the size so as to make it easily manageable. PST compact software will extract the attachment and save it as per the requirement.

Compress Selective Folder
The comes with the view pane where you can see the added file and for that pane, you can easily select and deselect the folders. Using this option you can compress the PST file as per your need. Along with this, the tool also comes with the option to exclude deleted items and exclude junk folder.

Remove PST File Attachments
In order to compact Outlook PST file and compress it, the PST compaction software allows removal of attachments. If you choose this option, the software will extract attachments and remove them permanently. This will compress PST files size and remove the attachments from local machine as well.

Compress Attachment
We all know the attachment tasks a lot of space in the PST file. So in order to compress the PST file, the tool comes with the option to compress the PST file. Now, if you choose this option then the tool will compress or create a ZIP file of all the attachments saved in that PST file.

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