Text Editor Pro 28.4.2

February 18, 2024 - Software
Text Editor Pro 28.4.2

Process not only text or HTML files, but also Python, Perl, Ruby or Fortran with this text and code editor, which features syntax highlighting and other similar features

Text Editor Pro is a comprehensive and easy to use text editing tool that offers syntax highlighting for over 50 scripts.

Right off the bat you notice how good the graphic design of the application looks. If focuses on simplicity and ease of access. All the tools you use frequently are displayed in the toolbar at the top of the main window but can also be accessed from the right-click context menu.

What is guaranteed to surprise you and catch your attention is that the application supports over 50 programming languages such as C++, COBOL, DOT Grap

h Drawing, DSP, DWScript, Fortran, Foxpro, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby SQL and many more. This feature alone makes Text Editor Pro an invaluable tool that can appeal to almost any programmer.

You can easily select any of the languages from a drop-down menu, create a new document and start writing. The application can handle multiple opened documents and displays them in separate tabs. Since aspect is important in the layout of the text, you get to increase and decrease indent and sort the text lines.

Working with hundreds of lines of text you’re bound to need to locate certain words and commands. To help you out in this matter, the application provides you with a practical and powerful search function. It allows you to toggle case sensitive, whole words only and regular expression search modes. Another means of locating content is to mark it and then return to it when you need to. For this, you get the option of adding multiple bookmarks throughout the document.

When you work on a project and save multiple drafts of it you can can very easily get confused trying to figure out what is different between them. To make it easier for you, the application allows two files to be opened and compared line by line.

Text Editor Pro is by all means a handy and reliable text editing tool that provides you with the means to edit code in a large variety of programming languages.

28.4.2 (Feb 18, 2024)

– Fixed dialogs
– Fixed JSON formatter
– Fixed main menu
– Fixed options
– Fixed roll out menu
– Fixed scaling issues
– Fixed split
– Fixed text editor control –
– Fixed Tidy
– Fixed title bar buttons
– Updated Delphi and C++ Builder 12 Patch 1 –
– Updated language files

Note! This product is always completely FREE for you. See the license.
Note! Currently, even an empty Windows VCL Delphi 12 application gives a false
positive (Win32/Wacapew.C!ml) in Windows Defender. I can’t help this. Maybe this
is a sign to stop Windows development completely.




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