Ulead Gif Animater

December 2, 2021 - Software
Ulead Gif Animater

Ulead Gif Animator is a software program that was developed to allow ease of access to creating GIF files in one application. These GIFs can be implemented almost anywhere you need it to, from a Powerpoint to your developing website. It comes with a suite of tools that can be used for making the perfect GIF for your technological needs.


The Ulead GIF Animator application is excellent for developing animators and also inexperienced people who need a moving visual representation. This app allows your edit a pre-existing GIF or start from scratch for customization. The software comes complete with a suite of tools that are essential to GIF making and animation. It separates your GIF frame by frame, allowing the user to see precisely what the GIF is showing at every last, excellent detail.

The export feature that is available with this software allows you to have your creation to have a wide range of compatibility for wherever you need to use it. It has features that allow for the creator to add audio to the Gif, to even further personalize the experience for its users. The software is able to detect low smoothness in animation and correct it by filling in empty and/or corrupted frames with acceptable images .

Lastly, a convienent drag and drop feature is available to allow you to manage different objects more fluidly and simultaneously. The speeds up the overall time that is required for the workload that needs to be process, which saves you precious time.


Old software from FOSI


(Silent Install Repack) x86


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