Vegas Image

August 15, 2023 - Software
Vegas Image

VEGAS Image is a raw image compositor. It uses layer-based compositing to combine images in 16-bit color space. When using raw images, it accesses the full range of raw color data, providing the highest quality in the industry. And by using the GPU for the heavy lifting, performance is still astonishingly fast, even on high resolution images.

VEGAS Image provides a full toolkit to create composite images for a range of applications, including:

The unique features of VEGAS Image include:

Batch and workflow features

Built-in keying effects

Unique effects

We have developed several unique tools in VEGAS Image to help you dial in adjustments to your image in a visual, intuitive fashion.

Intelligent masks

In addition to standard tools for drawing masks by hand, VEGAS Image offers several intelligent masks, which create selections based on the data in your image.

High quality

Built with GPU technology throughout the pipeline

System Requirements

In order for VEGAS Effects to run properly, it is necessary that it be installed on a system which meets or exceeds the following requirements.


Thanks to UZ1 release


(Cracked Silent Install Repack) x64


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