VideoMeld 1.70

December 20, 2022 - Software
VideoMeld 1.70

VideoMeld is an all new multitrack digital audio and video editing program. VideoMeld has one of the most advanced effects editors in its class. Many effects can be applied at the same time, creating incredible variety. Effect settings can be varied precisely over time for detailed animated visuals.

Use it to:
– Mix together any number of audio and video files into a single file
– Create impressive presentations or tutorials with background music, photos, and video
– Edit videos and add text captions, special effects, and transitions
– Create professional looking YouTube videos
– Master music recordings, keeping instrument and vocal tracks separate
– Make video recordings of the computer screen (screencasting), ideal for software training videos or demonstrations

VideoMeld features include:
– High quality HD video up to 1920×1080 and save as MPEG 4 H.264
– High quality 8 channel audio (7.1 surround sound)
– Over 50 video effects, transitions, and compositing functions
– 7 audio effects including Noise Reduction, Compressor/Expander, Equalizer, and Pitch
– Powerful! dynamic effect settings for all audio and video effects
– Scrolling captions for credits or tickers
– Screencasting records video directly from the computer screen

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