nVIDIA GeForce 470.05 Driver Unlocks Full Mining Performance

March 17, 2021 - Hardware
nVIDIA GeForce 470.05 Driver Unlocks Full Mining Performance

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 hash-rate limiter has been defeated, by the company itself, through a driver update.

The RTX 3060 was announced by NVIDIA to be meant purely for gamers as it came with measures that make them unviable for mining. The card purportedly had a hash-rate limiter that detected workloads from typical crypto-currency mining algorithms, and spooled down GPU clock speeds, halving the mining efficiency of the card. The idea was to sour the milk for miners, so there could be inventory for gamers. PC Watch reports that the latest GeForce 470.05 drivers distributed by NVIDIA to developers through the Windows Insider Program defeats the hash-rate limiter, significantly improving mining performance of the RTX 3060. With this driver out in the open, miners are sure to pick up RTX 3060 cards to go with it; and simply ignore all future driver updates through NVIDIA’s official driver channel. and ComputerBase have each independently verified that GeForce 470.05 drivers “restore” mining performance on RTX 3060 cards back to levels their hardware is capable of—roughly matching that of the RTX 2070 Super. This development confirms that the hash-rate limiter was purely driver based, and NVIDIA hoped to artificially throttle mining performance of RTX 3060 cards by simply adding this limiter to all compatible versions of GeForce drivers since the card’s launch; but those behind the 470.05 special drivers probably forgot to implement it. Probably because it is based on a different branch of the source code, which is developed in parallel. NVIDIA earlier claimed that the hash-rate limited is a much more sophisticated mechanism involving a “secure handshake between the driver and system-firmware that prevents tampering.” So much for that.

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GeForce 470.05 Driver


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