Deep Freeze Enterprise

December 21, 2012 - Software
Deep Freeze Enterprise

Deep Freeze instantly protects and preserves baseline computer configurations. No matter what changes a user makes to a workstation, simply restart to eradicate all changes and reset the computer to its original state – right down to the last byte.

Expensive computer assets are kept running at 100% capacity and technical support time is reduced or eliminated completely. The result is consistent trouble-free computing on a truly protected and parallel network, completely free of harmful viruses and unwanted programs. While Deep Freeze provides bulletproof protection, its non-restrictive approach also improves user productivity and satisfaction. Placing no restrictions on a user’s ability to access all system resources, users avoid the frustration of downtime due to software conflicts, operating system corruption, virus attacks, and many other problems. Users are always assured of computers that are consistently operable and available.

Deep Freeze is the only solution that effectively balances workstation security with user productivity. By mapping user and application data to a Thawed (unprotected) partition or drive, users are able to store their documents, pictures, music, etc., while still enjoying the total system consistency that Deep Freeze offers.

Deep Freeze offers flexible scheduling options that enable IT administrators to easily create automated update and maintenance periods. Schedule Deep Freeze to allow system and virus definition updates to occur from predefined times—either with the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console or using your preferred third-party desktop management solution.

The Deep Freeze Enterprise Console allows administrators to install, control, and manage Deep Freeze workstations from a single remote location, and hundreds or thousands of workstations can be protected across a distributed LAN, WAN or over the Internet.

Deep Freeze’s reboot-to-restore concept significantly lowers Total Cost of Ownership for technology assets because of a vast reduction in time and cost spent maintaining and rebuilding machines. Deep Freeze workstations can be easily controlled and configured via the GUI Enterprise Console, and require no maintenance or definition file updates.

Key Features of DeepFreeze Enterprise:

Absolute Protection
• Guarantees 100% workstation recovery on restart
• Provides password protection and complete security
• Protects multiple hard drives and partitions

Integration and Compatibility 
• Supports multi-boot environments
• Compatible with Fast User Switching
• Supports SCSI, ATA, SATA, and IDE hard drives
• Single install for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista
• Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, basic and dynamic disks
• Localized in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish & Japanese

Deployment Options
• Offers silent install option for rapid network deployment
• Provides option to deploy on multiple workstations as part of a master image
• DFC included in Workstation/Seed installations

Security and Control
• Encrypt all components with a unique Customization Code
• Preset multiple passwords to be used on a workstation or via the Command Line Control with varying activation and expiration dates
• Generate encrypted One Time or One Day Passwords
• Disable keyboard and mouse during maintenance periods or on demand
• Boot Control window provides ability for immediate reboot

Configuring Options
• Create customized installation files using the Configuration Administrator
• Pre-select Frozen Drives and selectively Freeze or Thaw fixed drives
• Schedule automatic Restart/Shutdown times
• Restart computer on Logoff
• Shutdown workstations after a preset length of inactivity
• Schedule Thawed Maintenance periods to perform Windows updates through the Internet or a SUS/WSUS server or Anti-Virus Updates
• Schedule Send Message tasks

Flexibility Options
• Create a ThawSpace on a workstation that can be used to store programs, save files, or make permanent changes
• Specify the size and file system of the ThawSpace (up to 100GB using NTFS)
• Use Stealth Mode to hide the Deep Freeze system tray icon
• Override ongoing maintenance periods

Interoperability Options
• Use Deep Freeze Command Line Control Utility (DFC) to manage Deep Freeze deployments remotely via command line interface
• Integrate Deep Freeze protection into any Desktop Management Solution capable of executing command line control
• Manage Deep Freeze protection through deicated plugins for LANDesk® Management Suite or Novell ZENworks

Action Files
• Create XML-based Deep Freeze Action Files to interact with other programs via the Deep Freeze Console
• Administrators will be able to create, edit, download and share Action Files with other users through Faronics Labs

Enterprise Console
• Schedule restart, shutdown, Wake-On-LAN, Freeze, Thaw and Thaw Locked tasks dynamically to take place once or on a regular basis
• Scheduled tasks run even when Deep Freeze Console is closed
• Change maintenance and restart/shutdown schedules on the fly
• Power-on workstations using Wake-on-LAN technology
• Use Workstation Seed for workstation communication and installation
• Manage workstations easily with User Defined Groups
• Quickly populate multiple groups or sub-groups with smart automatic filters or import groups from Active Directory
• Update all pre-existing installation files automatically
• Invoke system maintenance on demand with “Thaw Locked” mode

Expanded Network Options
• Communicate with workstations over a LAN, WAN, or combination
• Create Remote and Multiple Consoles with the Deep Freeze Server Service Manager
• Support for multiple ports for use with Server Service Manager
• Preset passwords with activation and expiration dates
• Instantly send notification messages to workstations

Workstations are supported on Windows 8
Enterprise Console is supported on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
Windows 8 Start Screen Enhancements
Display Deep Freeze notifications for shutdown, restart, maintenance etc. on top of Start Screen.
Display Deep Freeze Administrator and Enterprise Console tiles.
Support for Windows To Go
Deep Freeze can be installed on Windows To Go to boot and run from mass storage devices such as USB flash drives and external hard disk drives.
Disable System Refresh and Reset
Disable Windows 8 System Refresh and Reset when Frozen. Learn more about the difference between Deep Freeze and Microsoft System Refresh and Reset.
Support for BitLocker “Used Disk Space” Encryption
Deep Freeze is compatible with “Used Disk Space Only” encryption in BitLocker on Windows 8. Learn more.
License Key Activation
This version will include the ability to activate the license key. Activation is simple and painless and does not require the user to input any personal or authentication information. Learn more.


5713 – Enterprise Console may display nested, repeating groups. (Case No: OSK-352-44278)
6074 – DFWUlogfile.log is malformed after Deep Freeze upgrade from 7.30 to 7.50. (BXR-449-70108)
6143 – Enterprise Console hangs when RDPing into the console workstation while the Enterprise Console is running. (XPT-246-31060)
6297 – For deployments over 500 workstations, when running Deep Freeze Tasks from the Enterprise Console, workstations tasks are slow to complete. This issue was introduced in v7.5 and an upgrade of the clients to v7.6 is recommended to resolve it. (LKH-533-91318) Learn more.
6300 – Enterprise Console hangs when trying to remove workstations from user defined group. (AWD-418-82273)
6501 – Cannot change Windows Update settings on workstation after using “Run Windows Update” from Enterprise Console. (TTW-580-31610)
6762 – Workstation BSOD when ejecting ESATA devices. (XCN-236-87261)

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Specific Fixes

5473 – BSOD at Windows 8 login screen when DF attempts to mount cache folder for Windows updates.
5511 – When remotely accessing Windows 8 workstations while Thawed and Locked, keyboard and mouse remain locked and black screen shows.
5512 – Remotely accessing a Windows 8 workstation in a Frozen or Locked state and then Locking it will cause the target workstation to reboot unexpectedly.
5537 – Workstation will BSOD when DF is installed with Windows 8 Storage Spaces.
6085 – Workstations BSOD when creating ThawSpace on ReFS.
6085 – On Windows Server 2012: ThawSpace hosted on ReFS partition is not accessible.
6104 – Windows Server 2012 will BSOD while performing a backup
6234 – On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: The workstation BSOD when installing ThawSpaces on Windows Storage Spaces.
6265 – On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Deep Freeze workstation does not show pop up messages on Windows Start screen.
6306 – On Windows Server 2012: Deadlock on startup, when boot into Frozen state on the system with Storage Spaces hosted on physical disk
6338 – Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Storage Space drive remains Frozen when configured as Thawed.
6713 – On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Sent Message is not displayed on the target workstation which is automatically logged in.
6735 – Windows 8: Cannot manually shutdown Deep Freeze workstation with “Fast Start up” option enabled. Learn more.
6819 – Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Notifications with a Cancel button consumes 100% CPU even after clicking on it.

Accepted Behavior for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

6147 – Windows 8: If there are any ThawSpace existing, recimg.exe fails to create backup image. Learn more.
6151 – When backing up the workstation in a Frozen state, both the backup application and the system hangs. Do not backup when workstation is Frozen.
6332 – Status of Dynamic StorageSpace drives on Windows 8 workstations are reported as “Healthy (At Risk)” in Disk Manager. Learn more.
6811 – Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: When the Notification displays on the logon screen it does not stay on top of the Start screen.
6821 – Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: A new Notification window does not popup if another Notification window is running in another user session.

Known issues

2908 – Duplicate workstation entry may be displayed in Enterprise Console. (Case No: KRY-491-25099)
4443 – Boot loops may occur if a Windows Update Task is interrupted by configuration changes from the Enterprise Console or forcible ending the Workstation Task. (Case No: MOR-579-15196)
5942 – Restart or Shutdown tasks initiated from Enterprise Console fails on Deep Freeze workstations with Novell Client 4.91 SP5 and custom login extension. (Case No: HNR-735-45152)
6040 – Under certain circumstances, scheduled tasks created via the Enterprise Console may not reflect the correct next execution date and time in the schedule properties. (Case No: MQH-600-96233)

6351 – Lock Keyboard and Mouse command fails on workstations with touch screens.
6356 – Idle Time Task pops up regardless of touch screen activities.

6950 – On XP, whenever the Windows Screensaver is active on logon screen, remote Deep Freeze actions do not kick-in. (IQA-512-62854)

7051 – Deep Freeze installation on workstation images – “hanging at shutdown” during Login Script. (CFF-939-12971)

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