Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Professional Plus 16.0.14332.20303

May 25, 2022 - Software
Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Professional Plus 16.0.14332.20303

Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Professional Plus comes with many new features to make you more productive in all development phases. It is a very powerful productivity suite to process the data and handle any kind of documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and databases.

A ribbon-based user interface provides quick access to all its available tools and text customizations. The users can easily customize the font, layout, indentation, size, color, and many other details of the text in the documents. It provides support for handling different types of data in the database, managing emails, create presentations, and performs complex spreadsheets calculations.

Moreover, it has various customizable templates that help in instantly start creating any document. Edit the existing documents as well as create different documents from scratch. The office is widely known for its best set of tools for handling documents. It includes all the necessary applications for home and office. This latest release comes up with various fixes and enhancements that improve productivity and makes it a stable environment. There is a professional set of tools for processing the data with great ease.

Microsoft Office 2021 includes Word for handling documents, Excel to manage spreadsheets, PowerPoint to create presentations, Access, Outlook to manage emails, Publisher for handling digital publications, OneNote, OneDrive For Business, Skype For Business, Project Professional, and Visio Professional. Microsoft Word can edit text documents, Access can handle databases, Excel can manage spreadsheets and others with their respective functionalities, PowerPoint is the most appropriate application for preparing presentations. Handle complex mathematical calculations and manage huge amounts of data with great ease. On concluding notes, it is a reliable productivity suite with a variety of powerful applications to process the data.

Included Applications

Technical Details of Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Professional Plus

System Requirements for Microsoft Office 2021 LTSC Professional Plus


Remark: Office LTSC is office that can be activated with KMS.


22 November 2021 – Silent Install Repack release…. Only Word , Excel , Power Point and Outlook.


(Silent Install Repack) English x64



(自动安装版) Chinese 中文简体版 x64



(自动安装版) Taiwan 中文繁体版 x64




Sharing Unattteded Pack created from Microsoft Deplyment Tool Config

Microsoft Deplayment Tool



Download the pack and extract to a folder. Run Download.Cmd to download need offlice files and run the Install.cmd

Only Selected Word Excel Powerpoint Outlook only. One Drive, Team, Skype all skip…

Office installer won’t quit and keep ask to close. Will update once found way to skip the close else unattended install for USB ISO will fail…

You may change the language code to suite your own need…

Tested many tools and mostly it install all office stuff. So i just try pack my own with office deployment tool for clean office install.

Hope this work for you.


(Configuration Pack)  English x64



(中文自定安装包) 中文版 x64



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thank you
can you add french language plz


    Download the configuration pack..
    .edit xml file language to your own language and download.cmd…..
    i don’t have enough online space to cover all language…


A question
Do I understand that I still have to activate it with KMS (no problem) but there is still the question why activated isn’t installed right away?
I don’t get it that I should also activate it myself, why don’t you do that with the installation?


    it was unattended installation…. if windows is preactivated with kms there is no need to activate anymore…


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