Thimeo Stereo Tool 9.91

June 11, 2022 - Software
Thimeo Stereo Tool 9.91

Stereo tool is a software-based audio processor which offers outstanding audio quality and comes with many unique features. It is used by over 1500 FM stations ranging from small local stations to 50-100 kW stations and nation-wide networks with dozens of transmitters, thousands of streaming stations and many DAB+, HD, AM and TV stations. It can be used for both live and file based processing.

If you don’t use Stereo Tool for FM processing, Basic suffices.

FM Standard offers “standard” FM processing, stereo and RDS encoding. The processing in this license is comparable to what many high end (00+) hardware boxes offer. In most markets, this license will make you one of the louder stations on the dial.

FM Professional adds our special Composite Clipper to the processing. This is the same clipper that’s in the Omnia.9sg and the Omnia.9 and Omnia.7 are being upgraded to it. The Composite Clipper takes the stereo pilot, stereo encoding and RDS into account when generating the composite MPX signal, which increases the headroom for audio by a lot. You can typically generate a signal that’s 2-3 dB louder without sounding more clipped, which results in a much more dynamic and much higher fidelity signal. Beside that it unlocks our “Asymmetric L-R” mode, which adds another 1 dB or so. Beside these advantages to the audio signal, the clipper can also analyse the RF spectrum after the exciter, and optimize the signal to reduce reception issues in fringe areas and in multipath areas.

If you can use Stereo Tool to generate the composite MPX signal, we highly recommend the FM Professional version, which sounds much better and improves your reception. To be clear, with FM Standard you’re not doing worse than most high end hardware boxes, but FM Professional really takes it to another level – assuming proper hardware you’ll be the loudest and cleanest station on the dial.


Due to the so-called loudness war, where everyone wants their track to sound louder than any other track, nearly all music from the last 20 years or so has been clipped during mastering. This causes several issues:

To make things worse, audio processing tends to boost softer sounds, in this case, the distortion, which worsens these problems. The Declipper repairs the audio before it enters the processor.

Our declipper is also used by police forensics labs. The following video shows what it does to clipped audio:


The Delossifier improves the sound of lossy compressed audio. It’s targeted at repairing low bitrate MP3 and MPEG2 files. Use this if your playlist contains low bitrate tracks. (But please, do everyone a favor and replace them…. With clipped audio that’s usually not possible, but low bitrate is a different story.

Advanced Dynamics

Advanced Dynamics was added in Stereo Tool version 8.50. It consists of 2 parts:

Auto EQ is the most spectacular part. It adjusts the sound before the AGC without compressing it. This makes it possible to have a much more consistent output without sounding processed. Since it doesn’t compress the audio, it doesn’t add density and doesn’t cause pumping or breating. Auto EQ can achieve the same spectral consistency that multiband compression can, without those side effects. It does not affect audio levels, only the spectrum.

Dynamic Ratios makes it possible to have a different ratio in the compressors depending on how much they are pushing the level down. When it gets deeper, it gets steeper. So a very loud sound will be compressed more.

This video shows the Auto EQ in action:


  • ITU1770 meter now also shows multiple time intervals (Immediate, 3, 10 and 30 seconds).
  • GUI: Disabled Lowpass slider if it’s inactive (no streaming output, and FM/AM lowpass filtering is in use).
  • Workaround added for OBS (Stereo Tool running as a plugin in OBS could cause it to crash after loading/saving presets).
  • Bug fix: Plugin versions tried to open an input sound card in version 9.90. This could cause an error to be reported.
  • Bug fix: Delossifier highs behavior was inverted in version 9.90 (what happened was the opposite of what the setting said).
  • Bug fix: Window title wasn’t always correctly set in version 9.90.
  • Bug fix: Bass Exciter didn’t work properly with Delossifier Spectral Hole Filler enabled.
  • Bug fix: DeReverb was not disabled by pressing “Disable unlicensed features”.
  • Bug fix: Linux version: The file save dialog could write 1 byte outside of memory (doesn’t seem to have caused any problems).
  • Optimized opening of multiple web interfaces (that could cause some unrelated things to be restarted).
  • Updated presets.
  • Linux Enterprise build added.
  • macOS Enterprise build added (without native GUI for now, use the web GUI instead).
  • WatchCat: Bug fix: Stereo Tool license was sometimes not accepted in version 2.0.5.
  • MicroMPX: Added description field for each encoder and decoder, for stations with many decoders.
  • MicroMPX encoder library: Now returns sample time stamps, for external SFN support.
  • MicroMPX decoder library: Solved channel separation issue in optimized MPX demodulator (this does not affect anyone, as nobody was using it yet).


More Info


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16 thoughts on “Thimeo Stereo Tool 9.91


Sadly the standalone version 9.90 does not have the composite cliper patched… It would be nice if someone have a look at it…

hank dussen

The standalone vst seems to lose its ‘license’ after restarting or changing a preset but I’m not gonna complain about it. THANK YOU for posting! πŸ™‚


Not working composite cliper please looking

hank dussen

Tried different installs. Reaching and using the elements goes very well but after 24 hours of running the ‘stereo tool commercial’ still pops up, in the audio. Still thank you very much for the efforts to get it working properly !!


    Noticing the same problem ☺️


What do you thing about OPTIMOD-PCn 1600 Audio Processing Software, is possible cracke it?


Hello Team,
Why’s there an announcement playing every 4 or 12 hours?


    if you are talking about the x64 version.. it is a fail cracked… use old version if you need 64bit badly.. x86 is ok


      I’m using the DSP. Kindly help me out on which the announcement is not available, is it on 86x VST?


      Everything work fine ( x64 DSP version ) i use it with RadioBoss … Had problem with invalid license, because i didn’t register DSP license and block it in firewall πŸ™‚

      Soo crack/patch/keygen WORK you just need to be smart enaf to figure out what IP to block, then your license will WORK and settings will SAVE πŸ™‚


        Thank you so much. I tried RB 32x with DSP and it got registered but the announcement is yet there. Any guesses please? Unless only 64X DSP is working fine with RB without announcement is it? Kindly help me on selecting the correct DSP file. Hope you are referring to version 9.91. Thank you πŸ™


How do I fix the license reseting after I restart the VST?


If anyone is interested, I have MPXTool 3.19.52 at this link:


This download 9.91 DSP has No presets and will not show what current preset is being used. The 9.90 download here seems to be fine. Hopefully the 9.91 can be fixed?


    it is not perfectly cracked.. use older version until next new patch available else buy πŸ˜€


      no problem. I figured likely. Just wasn’t sure if it was me

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