Topaz Photo AI 1.2.9

March 31, 2023 - Software
Topaz Photo AI 1.2.9

Sharpen, remove noise, and increase the resolution of your photos with tomorrow’s technology. Topaz Photo AI supercharges your image quality so you can focus on the creative part of photography.

Focus on your creativity rather than your tools.
AI is good at some things but bad at others. It can write sentences but can’t tell a story, and it can recommend songs but can’t compose music. But most importantly for us: AI is exceptionally good at improving image quality, but bad at knowing what to do with it.

We believe that stunning photography comes from artistic vision paired with world-class tools. AI will never replicate human creativity, so it’s still your job to provide the vision. But just like a sharper lens or better camera, Topaz Photo AI empowers you to create images that just aren’t possible with yesterday’s tools.

Your photos at their very sharpest.
You won’t always be able to retake a shot when your subject is blurry. Sometimes you won’t even know until you’re reviewing your photos on your computer.

In these cases, use Topaz Photo AI to ensure that your photos are the sharpest they can possibly be. Instead of artificially increasing edge contrast like traditional sharpening, the Sharpen AI module naturally reverses root causes of blurriness (camera shake, motion blur, misfocus) to create more natural results.

In the absence of blur, sharpness remains – crisp, clear detail that’s free of edge haloes or other artifacts.

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(Cracked Silent Install Repack) x64



Remark: having problem can try block host (i don’t block)



4 thoughts on “Topaz Photo AI 1.2.9


Long to install, because it needs to download extra files, but works flawlessly.


    if models exists from my previous version, can we skip the long install process by skipping those downloads?

    I mostly upgrade to new version(s), not fresh install. I believe many do the same, so this can save us much time..if possible.


      I always uninstall to upgrade the program, but I click “No” when the unistaller says to remove personal preferences


It’s taking a while to install.

Only the message “please wait while windows configure TOPAZ PHOTO AI” appears

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