Change IDE to AHCI or AHCI to IDE

May 27, 2012 - Software
Change IDE to AHCI or AHCI to IDE

In case you need to change hdd mode from ahci to ide or ahci to ide within windows.

You just need to double click this software and restart and change your bios setting only.

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7 thoughts on “Change IDE to AHCI or AHCI to IDE


It looks like all it does is go to your website.


Tool is use for changing you ide mode in bios… just in case you will get blue screen.


No blue screen either.
I use win7 (x64) already in ACHI, just to see if it did anything.
In a virtual WinXP the same no-result.
I don’t have a IDE machine standby, but to me so far there is no difference between this and the cybermania.exe you always include.


ide mode in bios.. wanna change ahci… blue screen… use this tool no blue screen only…


I was expecting this would make it possible for WinXP installed in IDE, to change to ACHI, but then i should install drivers too and this program is too small to include drivers.
What is this program actually supposed to do? Change some registry settings?
I used SpyMe Tools in a virtual WinXP to see what changes in the OS, but it gave no results.


It was registry trick. WinXP never go AHCI. It will get laggy. Just for win 7.
A little trick to change hdd mode no other special. AHCI win 7 is full supported.
Just make one for testing SSD.

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